Remember Charlie Sheen, The King Of Controversy?

There’s not a single person born in the 90s who is not familiar with Charlie Sheen, the boy who wanted it all. Although he is a great actor, many tend to dislike him for his private life actions. But, no one stays indifferent when it comes to his role in “Two and a Half Men”. Let’s briefly remind ourselves of all the controversies we’ve heard and read about him and let’s see how he’s doing now.

Drugs and Alcohol Bbuse
Known as the King of Controversy, Charlie Sheen has shown the public that he’s nothing less than that. His drugs and alcohol abuse brought him even more fame that he had before, and he became “the bad guy” of Hollywood real quick. This is when things went wrong for him. Being in the public eye nonstop made him lose his temper even more. He got arrested millions of times under different charges, almost all involving driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He has also been to rehab a few times, as at one time he suffered a stroke due to a cocaine overdose.

Women and Gambling
But that’s not all. He’s also known as the Hollywood’s eternal heartbreaker. The only difference between a regular heartbreaker and Sheen is that the regular one does not get charged with sexual assaults or harassment. Well, Sheen is everything but regular. Throughout the years he has been dating a lot of celebrity women but also has been paying high-end escorts in pursuit of a good time.
Each and every one of these women accused him of some misbehavior. The one thing he’s probably most famous of is his gambling addiction. Upon divorcing him, Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards revealed the awful truth about how much he used to spend on sports betting. She claimed that he even had the nerves to place a bet while she was in labor! That’s more than a reason enough to leave him, right? Although he recently claimed that he doesn’t gamble anymore it doesn’t change anything. Nevertheless, the experts at sporting pedia will provide you with a great many useful tips, which will help you to revel in buoyant sports betting session.

Now, last but not least, it is important to mention this one last detail about Sheen that maybe sums up all of his past. After years and years of doing drugs, having unprotected sexual intercourse and partying for days, in 2015 Sheen admitted that he was HIP positive. Right after he said that on TV, another set of accusations started popping up. Many women he slept with claimed that he didn’t inform them about carrying the disease.
In fact, in his most recent interview, Sheen explains that he openly shared his HIV status with one of the escorts that sued him for transmitting the disease to her. In all, not much has changed in his life, although he has not appeared on the spotlight much the last couple of years. Nevertheless, even with all his flaws, he’s still one of the most adored TV show actors on the planet: Two and a Half Men would not have been a phenomenal success without him!


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