Here are some of the surprising hobbies that top celebrities engage in

Our favourite celebrities always entertain us with their on-screen antics. Whenever we see them on the screen, we are all filled with joy in our hearts. However, one thing that most of us fail to remember is that most of the things that we love about our favourite celebrities we already do know; we already know J-Lo is going to put in a sublimely live performance even before she gets onto the stage and we all know how LeBron James is going to attract all the attention with his slick moves on the pitch. The things however that we should be looking forward to ‘seeing’ and hearing is what our favourite celebrities do when we aren’t watching them.

Gaming (Mila Kunis)

Most people’s favourite hobby also happens to be Mila Kunis’ favourite hobby. Mila Kunis recently confessed that she is a big-time gamer. In fact, at one point, some of the people closest to her including husband Ashton Kutcher had to ask her to stop gaming for some time because they believed she was getting addicted. Kunis says her favourite game is World of Warcraft but because she loves competing with others that much, she is even thinking of switching to other games other than video games. Perhaps, her next stop is at an online casino where she can play a game of poker against dozens of other contestants, who knows.

Dancing (Stephanie Beatriz)

Stephanie Beatriz who stars in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine film says she spends entirely all of her spare time on the dance floor. She says she is sort of a Jake of all trades when it comes to dancing as she is into all music genres. Stephanie had to join the LA City Municipal Dance Squad so she can perfect her dancing skills.

Collecting daggers (Angelina Jolie)

We all love Angelina but do you know that when she is not preparing for new productions or travelling the world raising awareness on behalf of UNICEF, ONE Campaign, and UNHCR, she will be out and about collecting daggers for her collection. Maybe staring in too many action film movies has really got to her and she now wants to collect all the best weapons she gets can her hands onto.

Boxing (Gina Rodriguez)

Unbelievable as it may sound but the sweet little virgin from Jane the Virgin series is actually a pretty good boxer. Perhaps, if you consider that Gina Rodriguez’s father Genaro Rodriguez is a renowned boxing official you will understand why Gina decided to take on boxing as her hobby.

Riding horses (Kaley Cuoco)

The Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco when she is not on the set will be at her home raising and riding her horses. Kaley says she has always loved horses since she was a small girl and it’s a blessing that she can now have horses of her own. If she keeps learning how to ride horses, who knows, maybe we will see her at the next Cheltenham Festival.


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