Famous Celebrity Poker Players

The question of ‘class’ in terms of the standard of living is a contentious one. There are some who believe strongly that there are different classes in society and they are also some who believe that there are no classes in society. However, no matter the divide that you find yourself in, there is one thing that’s not debatable and that is, there are some people who are considered as elite; which includes celebrities who continue to gain attention in online and offline media.

A spokesperson from online slot website Labslots was able to inform us that celebrity poker players are often able to drive poker traffic.

`Although the poker boom has well and truly come to an end, poker – Texas hold’em especially – remains a staple of online casino gambling. When people see celebrities such as Neymar Junior, Michael Phelps and Boris Becker playing poker on the television and online, it inspires them to play themselves. Poker remains a skill game and it is no surprise that famous athletes begin playing poker once their sports careers come to an end.` Source: https://labslots.com/

While it may seem difficult to spot celebrities on any given day, there is actually one way that you can get to see some of your favourite stars. In order to do this, you will have to grab your seat at a poker table (normally high limit) where some of the top celebrities are sitting.

Below, we highlight some of the top celebrity poker players that you may perhaps see and play a game of poker with.

Rick Salomon

Rick Salomon’s celebrity status came via unconventional ways i.e. a combination of marrying famous women (Pamela Anderson and Shannon Doherty) and making sex tapes. However, despite all this, Salomon is a world revered celeb who holds the proud record of having won the most money in live tournaments among all celebrity poker players. On two occasions, he made the final table at One Drop and has been going deep in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments on numerous occasions.

Neymar Jr.

Many poker, bingo & casino sites often employ the services of prominent sportspersons to promote their business. In the past, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo have appeared on a number of ads promoting poker. However, one sports celeb, Neymar Jr, took one step further; he not only appears in poker sites ads, but he also plays poker at major events including the WSOP. Unfortunately, Neymar Jr has not made it into the progressive rounds at the WSOP but with time, he can make his mark in poker as he has already done in football.

Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique, the Spanish football defender currently playing his trade at Barcelona, is an avid poker player. In an interview, Pique said that he was introduced to poker by his teammates while he was still playing for Manchester United. Ever since his switch from Man United to Barcelona, Pique has always been appearing at major poker tournaments including WSOP. Though he has not yet gone to pro levels at the WSOP, Pique once made it to the final table playing at the now defunct EPT poker tournament.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart always leaves us with a smile when he appears on our TV screens and now, he is looking to leave his bank account ‘smiling’ as he recently announced that he wants to start playing poker on a regular basis. Kevin Hart was first spotted playing poker while on holiday in the Bahamas in 2017; it is here where he revealed his intention to keep on playing the game. Early this year in 2018, Kevin Hart was spotted playing poker in Monte Carlo, staying true to his word.


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