From Adventure to Casino, Here are 3 Games to Ease Your GoT Fix!

As far as blockbuster TV series go, few programmes have enjoyed the same level of success and wildfire popularity as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

With the series coming to an end back in May, many fans have been left scratching their heads over the unexpected turn of events in the final episodes. Even if it’s not entirely what you had in mind, there’s every chance that you still want to grab a slice of the action for yourself. With George R. R. Martin currently in the process of finishing the sixth book in the series, it could be a while before we get to dive back into the world of the Seven Kingdoms in written form.

Either way, it looks like we won’t be seeing Jon Snow any time soon! Fortunately, the video game market for GoT games offers a way to rediscover your passion for your favourite characters. As you might expect, there are already plenty of licensed spin-off games currently out there across a range of devices, formats and platforms. There is something for everyone, which is why we’re here to take a look at the GoT video games currently making the most waves in the video game market, from online casino slots to MMOs.

GoT: Winter Is Coming

Let’s start with an interesting prospect: Winter Is Coming, a real-time MMO strategy game that’s available to play on your favourite internet browser. You get the opportunity to play the role of an ambitious Westeros lord, hellbent on taking control over the kingdom. Building castles, recruiting troops to a growing army and fighting ferocious battles are all key aspects of the gameplay.

The game offers a good blend of roleplay and strategic thinking, making for an immersive experience for any GoT fan. It’s been receiving good reviews from critics already, and the functionality is expected to expand further by the end of the year. Sign up for an account and you’re good to go!

Game of Thrones Slots Casino

It’s no real surprise to find the GoT franchise has been expanding into the rapidly growing world of online casinos. The Game of Thrones Slot Casino game is perhaps the best example. This immersive 15-liner is part of the massive selection of slots at yukon gold casino login, an online casino that specializes in gameplay.

Along with some staple slots features like progressive jackpots and bonus retriggers, players also have the chance to build a collection of their favourite GoT characters like Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark. If you’re an iGaming fan, then this could be the game for you!

The GoT Telltale Games Series

Despite its 2014 release, many GoT fans are still sticking by the licensed Telltale Game adventure series as their favourite video game adaptation. Released on PlayStation and Xbox, the Telltale series offers a unique graphic style and familiar storyline to the TV series we all know and love.

It’s centred around the tragic tale of House Forrester, a good foundation for plenty of action, drama and engagement. Iconic characters dip in and out of the plot as the saga unfolds, most of which voiced by the actors from the show itself.

So, there you go: three awesome games that do justice to the atmosphere and excitement enjoyed by so many over the course of eight seasons. Given the reaction to the final episodes, you might even find these worlds provide a refreshing return to form!



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