Save Time and Increase Productivity With The Use of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI for short) has been one of the main subjects in some of the largest technological debates ever since the early 1950s. Through extensive, continuous research and experimentation, AI has grown to have a significant impact in our day-to-day lives. While it might not be that noticeable at first, its applications are everywhere around us.

AI’s Impact On Workflow

Did you know that even a seemingly simple task, such as running a quick Google search, would be a lot more tedious if it weren’t for AI? That’s because Google’s engines use the neural network and machine learning capabilities which adapt over time by following patterns of users’ searches. How relevant the returned results will be is fully dependent on their implementation. If it weren’t for them, you’d probably have to list through dozens of pages just to find what you were looking for.

Another way to improve your daily productivity is through the use of increasingly more popular automated transcription software. AI is a precise and efficient technology, which makes it perfect for these types of tools. Now, let’s see some real world examples of how it can be helpful.

How Is It Beneficial To Journalists?

– Easier Data Processing

Interviews are an essential part of a journalist’s job, but they can be quite time consuming. Going through hundreds of hours of audio content is no easy task. Fortunately, by using an audio to text converter such as Audext, you don’t have to strain your ears any longer. This fully automated transcriber is capable of providing a written output of your recording in just a fraction of the time. You get a finely formatted .TXT or .DOC file with the corresponding speaker labels, which helps you easily filter out the unnecessary parts. This way, you save a lot of time since you don’t have to analyze each interview separately.

– Sociological Interviews & Qualitative Research

Analyzing human behavior is done through numerous different approaches. Their efficiency can vary, and it’s important to know which one you should use to avoid wasting time. Seeing how the subjects’ reaction differ is much more easily noticeable through transcriptions, where you can group a lot of data into one place.and compare it accordingly.

Record Effective Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are a written record of a meeting, mainly meant for the employees who were absent. They’re characterized by two features – conciseness and informativeness – which is exactly where Audext comes into play. Since you only want to keep the most essential points which were covered in the meeting, you’ll have to get rid of all the rest. This can be achieved through Audext’s integrated, web-based editor.

While the transcription is ongoing, the user is able to edit the output in real-time as it’s processed. The editor comes bundled with a bunch of useful tools. For example, you can do a global find & replace of a specific word to make the result more formal. Also, you can highlight a certain word of interest, and the audio player will automatically switch to the time when it was spoken. You can combine all of them for maximum efficiency; the possibilities are endless.

Record Conference Calls

Conference calls are notorious for having a large amount of participants, as well as their use for brainstorming sessions. While this method of communication is highly efficient, it can also make a lot of good ideas go unnoticed or unheard, which is why it’s useful to have a recording of it. As previously mentioned though, textual formats are much more easily analyzed, and this is where transcription software comes into play.

With mp3 to text converter 200 times more efficient algorithms, you can go through the meeting again with other employees while the ideas are still fresh in your head. You’ll be able to take note of the important timestamps and go back to them later through the Audext’s built-in audio player. Everyone can have their own copy of the transcription instantly instead of having to deal with storage-heavy audio recordings. Also, you won’t have to worry about any compromising information being leaked, since Audext doesn’t save any of the uploaded files – instead, they’re deleted from the servers immediately after the transcription is done.

Improved Content Marketing

In order to attract audience, content marketers often use what’s known as “tweetable quotes”. These are short paragraphs of text that contain useful information with the main goal of spiking the reader’s curiosity. Finding them manually can be a pain, but you can avoid this. By using Audext, it’s easy to process large batches of content from your competitors. Once you have the textual output, all you have to do is filter through the shorter sentences and find ones which best suit your area of work. You can also convert and use webinars for your own benefit by personalizing them. It’s effective, simple, and once you get used to it – quite time efficient.



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