Fashion tips: how to wear your boots in winter

Winter, which is already in full swing, calls for warmer productions from head to toe. It is not for nothing that at that time people unearth the heaviest jackets, stylish scarves and, of course, boots and more boots from the closets! And the boots are real stars when it comes to winter footwear, worn by both men and women who want to combine style and comfort in the coldest season.

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Although the boots are versatile pieces, which combine with the most different styles of clothing and with different occasions, it is necessary to know how to choose the right boot

In this topic we will refer to women, ok?

Ankle boots, due to their high heels and short ankle, are ideal for those with thinner legs.

Boots over the knee – or above the knee – are recommended for taller women.

As for short or slightly overweight, the most suitable is to compose monochromatic looks, to create a more long and sophisticated effect to the visual.

The boots can be worn day or night, in more casual events or even in some types of formal situations.

The secret is to choose the right boot for every occasion. Thus, the lower the footwear, the more informal and sporty it is.

As the heel increases, footwear becomes more social. In addition, the finish also sets the tone for production!

Varnish and leather, for example, are more refined than suede. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that not even on the coldest days are boots suitable for events such as weddings or graduations, see?

In this case, the best choice for women is scarpins and for men the good old social shoe.

There are boots of various types, with different colors, heels and upper heights.

A riding boot, for example, suits more basic women.

Over the knee goes well for naturally seductive women.

There are also boots that create a cowgirl effect, those short ones that leave the production relaxed and the fringed boots, which super combine to compose a look within. Therefore, when choosing your model, the ideal is to identify which style has to do with your personal tastes and your personality.

When choosing to wear boots, the important thing is that the final effect created is as harmonious as possible. To ensure that this happens, it is simply essential that the upper of the shoe does not end at the widest part of the leg.

Did you know that when that happens, that part gets even bigger?

Keep an eye on the rules for men

Men can also wear and abuse boots in winter, both inside and outside their pants. To get a picture, you can check these UGG Hannen reviews. However, it is worth mentioning that if the boot is too light, it may end up cutting the silhouette. Furthermore, if the man wants to compose the look with a pair of shorts, the ideal is that the boot is very light and stripped. With pants and in tidier productions, the sure bet is to wear dark boots, preferably leather.

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