Slots that raised controversy on their release

It is truly staggering when you realise how many online slots games are released pretty much every week by the myriad of different slot developers around these days. Their very existence relies on as many gamblers as possible playing their games, so it is no surprise that the top developers like NetEnt or Microgaming have several hundred online slots to their name. And so the question rises to many, is gambling legal?

As you might imagine from this volume of new slots hitting the market it is getting harder and harder for developers to make unique games that stand out, as there are only so many things you can model an online slot on. As a result there have been multiple times a company have ended up making the wrong decision with a slot theme, stoking up a load of controversy in the process. Read ahead for a few slots that raised controversy on their release. 

GTA Online Casino 

You would have had to be living under a rock for the last few decades to have not of at least heard of the Grand Theft Audio video game series, something that has got massively popular over the years, ending up as one of the most popular video games ever. The concept behind it is underpinned by a free world in which your character can do pretty much anything they want, from breaking into an army base and stealing a jet fighter, to something a lot more lowbrow like playing a round of golf. With each new iteration of the game these options get more and more extensive, and on the newest GTA they unveiled their in-game gambling feature. 

This was a few years ago now, and it was met with glee by countless gamers who also happened to enjoy a spot of gambling too. In many ways it was the perfect combination, and punters were also happy to find that the gambling model during GTA was scarily realistic, meaning you could essentially gamble for free but feel as though you were spending real money in the process. Last year GTA made some crucial updates to their casino system, making it available to play online for the first time ever. The online slots released raised a huge amount of controversy, as people argued that Rockstar (the company behind GTA) were making it far too easy for children to play online slots. 

Dark Knight 

This Batman inspired online slot was responsible for one of the biggest online slot jackpot wins in history, with an anonymous Australian businessman scooping up a rather lovely sum of $10.4 million whilst playing it. Understandably this fact will have countless online slot aficionados clambering to play this game, but they will be pretty disappointed when they realise that it has since been discontinued. 

Unfortunately it raised quite a lot of controversy on its release due to licensing issues relating to the Batman film of the same name. After a long drawn out legal battle it was discontinued.


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