CBD’s Sudden Rise in Popularity, Explained

The rise in CBD usage is of course not entirely strange when you first examine the fact that over the past few years the health benefits of cannabinoids have been largely publicized by reputable media outlets and broadsheet newspapers.

Years ago, it was labeled as pseudoscience, but now with the fantastic benefits derived from CBD widely publicized, it is no surprise that we see CBD oil being sold in health food shops and tea shops across the country. The professionals at http://wtphemp.com know that since 2,900 B.C., marijuana has been used to treat pain and inflammation. More recently, to the joy of cannabis aficionados have discovered that CBD, a component of marijuana, has significant pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, something marijuana users have been telling us for decades, even thousands of years!

Scientific studies have proven that CBD, a marijuana component as previously mentioned, helps reduce chronic inflammation by fusing with endocannabinoid receptors and reducing the inflammation by transmitting to the neurotransmitters positively. A study that examined up to 47 people suffering from the disease multiple sclerosis who took a CBD spray for a month experienced a significant improvement in the pain they suffered from, moving around, and muscle spasms. 

Mental Help

Another thing lazy-eyed stoners have been telling us, for the last God knows how long, is that cannabis has many benefits for mental health in reducing anxiety and depression and aiding with insomnia, usually an extension of the aforementioned conditions. Drugs that are often used to treat the aforesaid conditions often carry terrible side effects and are abused in their own respect; so with the help of CBD oils and marijuana, it is no surprise that these medications have been forsaken in favor of a natural herbal remedy!


Another wondrous health benefit of the use of CBD oil is well-publicized in academic journals; it is used to alleviate the symptoms of cancer such as vomiting, unwaning nausea, and inflammation. A study that examined the effects of CBD, and THC, another component of marijuana, saw a relief in pain when they usually received no pain relief from their current pain and cancer medication. Those treated with the two marijuana components saw a significant reduction in inflammation and pain comparatively than those who were simply using the cancer drugs administered by their doctors.

It is clear to see why there are so many advocates of using CBD oil when we see its far-reaching health benefits and all of the success stories attributed to it. Frankly, it makes little sense to keep from using it for other illnesses and diseases when it has proven successful in cancer cases and with mental health issues. Across the world, doctors are waking up to this and the process of cannabis legalization is taking place in every corner of the world, something that would have been frowned upon and laughed at many decades ago. We are living in extraordinary times, and soon I’m sure we will see more benefits derived from the CBD.


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