Sewing and Finding Your Passion


Having a genuine passion for sewing is like chasing a winning prospect because there are so many things that you can accomplish in a due course of time.

Practicing sewing will not only keep you busy during your free time, increase your confidence level, but you can even earn a hefty amount by selling your products online.

In case you want to enhance your expertise level, then you need to go through the article given below.

Basics regarding sewing endeavor

If you are passionate about sewing, you need to strive to gather information about how to undertake new projects.

This will eventually enhance your skill level and allow you to complete even bigger projects quickly.

Techniques and tips to improve

While following genuine sewing tips you can easily enhance the quality of your ironed clothes.

Some of the best tips that you need to follow are given below.

Using co-ordination thread

To get a boutique-like finishing you are required to buy a thread that matches the color of the fabric.

In case, you can’t get the same color thread, then do use a thread that is light in color and sew the seam inside out.

Press the fabric that you sew

Pressing the fabric will keep it stable on the extension table; this allows you to turn them easily as per the pattern of the stitch.

Moreover, by pressing the fabric you will also get crisp seams of the dress and you will be able to give more strength to the dress.

Pre-wash the fabric

It is mandatory to pre-wash the fabric before you start to make a dress at home.

Pre-washing will help you to get an idea about how much your fabric will shrink after you wash the product.

Thus, you do not have to deal with any fitting issues once the product is made.

Correcting common problems

During the time of sewing, you need to deal with certain issues that can disrupt your overall progress.

This is the reason why you need to learn such issues beforehand.

Variable tension of the bobbin

This problem occurs when the bobbin gets lose or broken in case you do not resolve this issue in time, then it will make the seam of the dress weak.

Thus, you need to rectify the issue by replacing the piece and then clearing off any thread pieces that accumulate inside the machine.

For instance, this problem occurs more with plastic bobbins.

The machine doesn’t sew

Several issues can jam your machine viz. rusted parts, clogging of the bobbin, collection of loose threads beneath the thread cutter.

One of the best ways to get thorough protection from such an issue is to undertake monthly servicing of machines.

Issues related to threads

In most cases, machine threads deal with several issues like breaking, loops, knots, etc.

To avoid such an issue you are expected to buy excellent quality threads and do check their tension from time to time.

Noises and vibrations in the machine

Sewing machine when operating at high speed might create noise or vibration which if not taken care of immediately can lead to several other issues.

To tackle such an issue you need to consult the repair manual and oil the parts of the machine after this leave the machine for about two hours.

Analysis of best practices

It would be wise to undertake proactive measures during the sewing endeavor.

These measures will not only help you keep your machine safe but you can complete the project quickly.

Guide the fabric

It is mandatory to put genuine pressure on the fabric and guide it with your hand during the sewing process.

Moreover, you need to sew the fabric in small sections by taking your time.

This way you’ll be able to stitch the pattern as per your desire and finish the job with perfection in relatively small time.

Know the control panel

When you purchase a sewing machine, do go through the user manual once as it will guide you on how to use it proficiently.

Every other automatic machine has a few unique features and settings that will allow you to make captivating designs easily.

Tools that you need to have

Over the market number of tools are present that will offer you the relative ease in completing the sewing project.

Apart from automatic sewing machine some of the other crucial tools that you need to have at a hand stretch are given below.

Brown paper

With the help of brown paper, you can easily practice forming design drafts before carving the fabric.

Brown paper will not only help you to sharpen your skill, but it is cheaper as compared to practicing on a costly fabric.


Rulers will offer you ease in double-checking the hemlines, grain patterns as well as marking edge.

Thus, you will be able to carve out a perfectly fitting dress from a fabric.

Carbon sheets

By the genuine help of carbon sheets, you will be able to transfer dress patterns from the paper to the fabric without hassle.

With these carbon sheets, you can easily remove the marks from the dress manually.

Seam ripper

This tool will give you a chance in altering a dress or to rectifying any error in the making without much effort.

Seam rippers have an ergonomic handle and sharp edge that allow you to rip off even tightly bounded threads with less effort.


In case you are planning to undertake manual stitching on the hem or collar of the dress, then do coat the thread with the help of beeswax.

Moreover, the beeswax will prevent the thread from any knots or loops at the time of stitching.

Cutting table

To undertake a DIY endeavor you need to have a cutting table at handy.

It is essential to buy a wide table, at least 6 feet by 3 feet; this will give you enough space to keep an eye on the overall design of the dress.


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