Sounding Better: How To Effectively Practice Singing At Home

Singing is something we all can enjoy, whether we are a professional on stage or at home in our showers there’s something about it that can transform our moods and make us feel great. Some of us may feel that we aren’t so good and that’s where practice comes in, even the best singers had to practice to get to where they are so it’s never too late to start.

Here are a few tips on how to make your practice as effective as possible. 

Find a Teacher

Yes, to begin with, we should look at finding someone who is going to be able to help train your voice to its full potential. One of the best ways we can shape our voice into something we love is to find some singing lessons, this way we will have access to a professional that will be able to let us know where we are going wrong and what we can do to make it right. Getting a teacher will give you the best foundations in singing and will allow you to progress further and quicker than you thought you would be able to. Remember, you can seek a teacher at any point in your amateur singing career, it doesn’t have to be at the beginning so it’s never too late. 

Set Your Goals 

It’s important to understand what you want to achieve, whether that be learning one song for your amusement or improve your overall voice so you can perform in front of many. If you’ve chosen to have a singing teacher then you can discuss this with them so they can tailor your plan accordingly. If you haven’t chosen that route then it’s still important to set yourself a goal because it will allow you to see yourself progress throughout your journey. Once you’ve reached your goal, try and set another one, we can always improve. 

Set Yourself Singing Time 

When practicing, it’s important to set aside some time to dedicate completely to your singing, whilst most of us can multitask we should be completely focussed on our goal. Singing is something that requires full concentration so make sure you set your time for when there aren’t large distractions, this should be around the same time every day as it then becomes a routine, something else that’s hugely important in singing. Practicing every day will increase the rate in which you improve as a singer and help you set your routine. 

How Long Shall I Practice? 

If you’ve found a professional to coach you, then they will be able to set out your singing timetable, but if you haven’t, then at the beginning it’s best to practice as long as you feel comfortable. The Larynx is full of muscles and when worked too hard can start to feel strained, just like when we practice sport, so listen to your voice and stop when you’re starting to feel fatigued. To begin with, the practice would usually sit around 15-20 minutes whilst feeling comfortable, progressing to up to an hour when we are a bit more experienced. If you want to continue practicing then take a break for a few hours and continue later on when your vocal cords have had some time to recover. 

Sing to Music 

Keeping in tune is something many will find difficult when singing without a backing track, even the professionals can be heard flying off-key when one of their musicians hits a wrong note, so practicing in tune will help massively. For the simple part, find a speaker that you can play backing tracks through, whether that be your phone or your computer. If one of your goals is to learn a certain song then find that and sing along to that, this way you know what the song should sound like and if you are getting close. It might be worth finding a sound recorder at this point to check how you’re doing, listening to your voice is one of the best tools for improving. 

Another way is by having a piano, being able to have access to all the notes will help you match pitch and sing in key along to anything. If a piano is an expensive extra for learning to sing then you can always buy a pitch pipe, whilst the number of notes is reduced it will still help you keep in tune. 

When it comes to learning to sing, many things will seem daunting to begin with but don’t let that deter you, keep going with your practice and you’ll see some drastic improvements if you stick to a routine. The most important thing of all is to just enjoy it, many fall short of their goals because they put too much pressure on themselves, have fun and the goals will become easier. 




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