How to make remote work more fun

Want to learn how to make remote work more fun? This is possible by putting some basic questions into practice. So, in addition to making work activities come to be seen in a lighter way, your productivity tends to increase, which is excellent on both sides.

Remote work is something that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in a complicated period like the one we are facing, of a pandemic. Therefore, people had to make changes to their working hours and do not always achieve good results.

If you want to improve your income and work happier, we have the right tips for that.

Dress to work (no pajamas)

Anyone who is working at home now during the pandemic or has been in the home office for some time should be careful with their clothes. So it is interesting to put on an outfit, as if you were going to go to your company.

Okay, no need to put on makeup, straighten your hair or even put on a suit. But, staying in pajamas all day is not at all productive, our body automatically sees this with terrible eyes and our performance drops precipitously.

Prepare a playlist

Research has already indicated that music releases dopamine, a substance that is interesting for providing well-being, reducing levels of cortisol, that stress hormone. In addition, a good sound is able to motivate people, improve mood and help in interactions between the team.

Music is great for improving creativity and assisting in the productivity of what is being developed. In addition, it also serves to help the health of the body and mind. However, some sounds can impair your performance, such as heavy rock, for example.

The ideal music is one that will make you lighter and more relaxed to face the day-to-day activities. So, prepare a nice playlist right now to make remote work more fun.

Include leisure in your routine

You need to set aside part of your day to rest your mind, read a book, exercise, play a video game or study new content. Nobody can handle working 100% of the time.
Therefore, include leisure periods in your routine. That way, over time you will certainly be able to see better results in the days ahead.

Make a list of your activities

Some people fail to complete all the activities they should in one day. This happens due to lack of focus or due to some other reasons. That way, creating a list of your activities can be important.

Perhaps making a folder with the list of tasks to be accomplished during the day is a good option. This way, you will not forget anything and still make your remote work routine more “professional”.

Define Rules

To make remote work more fun you need rules. In fact, whoever does things in any way fails to achieve their goals and therefore can face a series of problems. Even more if you are working away from the company, it gets even worse.

Put your own rules into practice, such as:

– Time to wake up;

– Time spent with lunch;

– Break to rest in the morning and in the afternoon;

– You can’t mess with social media;

– Work as if you were in the company.

These are some rules that you can create and you should start following to find the best possible results in remote work.

Set your goals

Those who work remotely need to have goals. If you have a boss, he probably passes the activities on to you or else his service is so automatic that he already knows what should be done.

But, people who are freelancers, those who receive according to their income, these need even more goals. In fact, it is necessary to do good planning in relation to this issue.

Those who do not have goals tend to yield less and those who set goals in their activities can even complete tasks before the deadline. That is, you may even end up resting earlier.

And there are people who are very competitive, who only get along with goals, so they should include it in their remote work routine.

Keep the balance

To make remote work more fun, you need to be careful with some questions. It is necessary to have time to relax and have time to work, this is obvious. Therefore, balance is essential for the success of your activities.

It is not because you are working at home that you can go to sleep at dawn and wake up late. In fact, this is a bad habit and one that should be avoided, or your income will not be anything interesting.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a balance between leisure, lunch time and that moment of accelerating production to reach the goal.


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