Sweet Sounds: The Secrets of Casino Music

Imagine your favorite films or TV shows without music. Or a wedding without a sound. Music is an incredible force, and has the power to elevate any situation to a new level, triggering emotional responses and intense memories. It can also be used to suggest behaviors, lighten moods, to relax or excite. Casinos, both land-based and online, use music in an effective and interesting way. And even if you don’t explicitly notice it, music is an integral part of the casino experience, as it shapes and enhances the atmosphere and the action at the roulette wheel, the card tables and the slot machines. Let’s look at the thinking and effects of music in casinos.

Setting the Atmosphere

Music has been proven to deeply affect our mood and define our interaction with our surroundings. So it’s natural that casinos will select music to heighten the atmosphere of the space and set the tone for players to relax and enjoy the games they play. Casino music is carefully selected, it needs to be non-intrusive, mellow enough to make up part of the background rather than dominating. What is known as ‘lounge music’ is often the number one choice, discrete, jazzy and with just enough of a pulsing beat to keep energy levels up. Jazz-based music also sets a classic, timeless atmosphere, adding to the glamorous feel of the casino environment. The right atmosphere is important to get patrons in the mood to spend their money, while still relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Influencing Players

Casinos are experts at choosing the best music to maximize the time (and money) that punters spend at the tables and slot machines. Although there is no magical formula, there have been studies that show the right kind of music or sound effect that makes players interact differently with the games they are playing. Higher levels of engagement with the game is key, and music plays a part in this in a subconscious way. Another key to selecting the right music is to choose melodies and harmonies that relieve the tension that can often arise when people are playing games for money. Casinos can cause stress amongst its customers, so it’s crucial to keep everyone at ease (as much as possible) and foster a calm, assured environment. And different games require music of different intensity or calmness – you’ll find that music varies from casino to casino depending on what kind of games, and stakes, are on offer.

Online Sounds

It isn’t just land-based casinos that use music effectively. Online casinos use music to keep up energy levels and add depth, tension, and excitement to their games. You’ll hear different tunes and jingles depending on the outcome of the action – of course, everyone wants to hear the dulcet tones of a winning melody! Many games offered by online casinos, especially slot machines, have intricate themes, graphics, storylines and effects. Music is a huge part of this, creating a dynamic atmosphere to take the game to the next level, and keep the punters playing again and again. Online casino game developers take their cue from traditional computer games, which have a highly evolved approach to music and sound effects.


Whether its an online or a land-based casino, gambling on cards or slots is meant to be entertainment above all else. Music plays its part in that, albeit subtly (as mentioned above its a fine line to keep it in the background but still energetic enough). Casinos provide a great escape for both serious gamblers and thrill-seeking casuals, and the right music provides a compelling backdrop to an evening’s fun. Many bigger casinos, especially the grand ones in Las Vegas or Atlantic City are famed for hiring famous artists to perform for their clientele. Iconic performances by such luminaries as Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey and Elton John have gone down in legend, and are part of wider popular culture beyond the casino walls.

Sound FX

As well as music, casinos often employ sound effects to heighten the atmosphere, and encourage punters to keep playing. The sound of coins pouring out of a slot machine is an extremely positive noise to hear in a casino – it keeps the dream of a big jackpot alive, and adds a layer of life to the room.

The gentle buzz of mellow, jazzy music, coupled with occasional, easily identifiable sound effects takes the casino experience to the next level. Whether it’s online or land-based, music plays a vital role in creating the perfect atmosphere to play in.




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