Cryptocurrency deposits as an option for online slots

In 1895 something strange and wonderful happened; Charles Fey created the one armed bandit. It was a game called the Liberty Bell, and it was the forerunner to the slot games we play today. It was, of course, an instant hit, and Fey became rich and famous. 

And since that time over one hundred years ago, slot game developers have gone on to make the games almost unrecognisable – in a good way. Although the game itself is still the same, the machines themselves are very different indeed – click to visit. More and more changes are being explored to enable players to have the ultimate gaming experience and allow them complete freedom in choosing their games and how to play. 

One such idea is to allow cryptocurrencies to be used as a method of payment for online slots. This might be the perfect way to have more players join in, and here are the reasons why. 

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Firstly, before we can look at using cryptocurrencies in our online slots, we need to know what they are. In the most simple terms, a cryptocurrency is a virtual method of payment. Cryptocurrencies are centralised and therefore not under the control of any government. This means it isn’t just a currency that can be used online, but it’s a currency that is universal. 

The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin; this is the cryptocurrency that was famed for making millionaires overnight. Yet there are many others too, and they all work in the same way. Using complicated codes that are called blockchains, the money can be moved from place to place and therefore used to buy products and services. Although the codes themselves are complicated, it only takes a click of the mouse to get the payment made – the codes are automated so you don’t have to know anything about how to create them, it’s all done for you when you need it. 

Why Use Cryptocurrencies For Slot Deposits?

Although cryptocurrencies might not be a practical way to buy things in the physical space, they are ideal for the virtual one, and that includes online casinos. Currently, you can actually use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to pay for a very small amount of the many different online slots that are available. However, although this is currently limited, more and more developers and online casinos are working on how to introduce this payment method across many other games and sites. 

People like paying for their slot game time using cryptocurrencies because they are extremely secure. We mentioned the complicated codes that make up the crucial blockchain; hackers are extremely unlikely to be able to work these out and con any money out of anyone, or outright steal it. 

Cryptocurrencies are also completely anonymous, so not only will a thief not steal money, they won’t be able to steal an identity either.


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