Jewelry is a daily fashion worn to complement a certain outfit. Understanding what it suits your style is one thing and understanding the variations is another. Several types of jewelry exist (chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces) and it can be made with several types of materials also like Gold, Silver-Sterling, Platinum, titanium, palladium, and gemstones are also popular materials used in jewelry designs.

When talking about luxury jewelry a question arises, what are the top most popular gems?

It has been ages since women use jewelry in their wardrobes with five most featured gemstones in jewelry, and no surprise that diamond is the leader. It comes in various colors blue, green, yellow, red the rarest of them, and a well-loved the sparkling clear diamond.

The blue sapphire, one of the most used gemstones in jewelry, used in princes Diana’s engagement ring. Although it comes in numerous colors blue is the most common.

The red gem, representing love and passion is the ruby making it popular for the ones looking to express their lover and affection.

The emerald, also known as popular between royalty. It represents rebirth and fertility to the Egyptians and most used alongside diamonds.

Amethyst the most popular between purple gemstones are believed to be a calming stone that represents love, wealth, and happiness. Was believed to be the most precious, until large deposits were found in Uruguay and Brazil. Also known as the “Royal Purple” gemstone, its colors may lean towards blue or other times toward red. While the most search for the deep dark purple, lighter colors tend to sell for less and make a ravishing gemstone if well-cut.

These days, synthetic and natural amethysts are widely used in jewelry though they look much alike but synthetic is very regular in color on the other hand natural amethyst may have a deep color, but these special stones are rare. 

Gemologists identified several ways to distinguish synthetics from naturals by microscope:

  • Inclusions found in synthetic amethyst and known as “breadcrumbs” on the other hand natural amethyst may include other minerals like hematite, goethite, and lepidocrocite or even irregular parallel stripes well known as “zebra stripes”.
  • Twinning usually found in Brazilian amethyst, a feature that appears as parallel triangular lines aiding in color zoning. Usually noticed when gazing down the crystal axis.

Physical Properties

Amethyst is chemically classified as silicate (SiO2), with a Mohs hardness of 7 has a specific gravity ranging between 2.6 and 2.7 has a categorized by a hexagonal crystal system and mainly used in cabochons, faceted stones, tumbled stones, beads and ornamental objects.

Geologic Occurrence

Amethysts are found in small amounts at several locations throughout the world in sedimentary rocks, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Once found in these locations it will be mainly used for cabbing, faceting, or ornamentals. The biggest amethysts deposits are mainly found in cavities and fractures of igneous rocks. Large cavities can have between hundreds of pounds and multiple tones of amethyst crystals.

Botryoidal Amethyst

Was known as “grape agate, it first appeared between dealers in 2016 and sold in specimen composed of small purple spheres ranging between 2 and 8 millimeters.  A few people doubted that agate was a proper name, after realizing that it has a crystalline surface which proved them right. Although it is still called “grape agate” by some misnomers, its appropriate name is “botryoidal amethyst”.

Care of Amethyst

Amethyst is durable but some care is needed to maintain its natural color, with a hardness of 7 it may come in contact with several objects that can scratch its surface. Amethysts are best stored in jewelry boxes and other dark locations, as it fades by prolonged direct light exposure.

Amethyst a Healing Stone?

For thousands of years, people collected gem if for their beauty or value. Back in the days’ people believed that gems can heal or protect their wearer. Even though no scientific evidence proves that gemstones possess healing powers, many people continue to believe so and several millions of dollars per year are nowadays spent on amethyst for these uses.

Amethyst Value

Amethyst is considered as a semi-precious gem and valued as little as 2$ per carat for the Indian extract, between 5$ and 10$ per carat for the Brazilian one, and can go substantially for the Siberian variant.


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