How to Choose the Perfect Undergarment

Underwear is one of the most private pieces of clothing that both men and women wear. However, we don’t really pay much attention to our undergarments, which is a big mistake since it directly comes in contact with parts of our body that are prone to heat and sweat. Recognizing that it’s time to change your underwear is as important as knowing how to choose the perfect one for you.

Here are some factors you’ll need to consider in choosing a suitable pair of undies for your needs:

Underwear to Match

Your underwear must also match your entire outfit. New entries to a woman’s wardrobe often affect how often women buy underwear because some outfit requires the right underwear to go with it. This refers to visible panty lines when wearing fit pants or dresses. Choosing the right type of underwear to conceal panty lines and displays a seamless curve in the shape of your body.

Men also have to choose between loose boxers or tight briefs depending on their pants to avoid an obvious bunch up. Also, the right support for physical activities is an important factor to consider when choosing which underwear to use before going out.

Your Preference

Your level of modesty is sometimes a factor when choosing the right underwear for you. It doesn’t matter how expensive or beautiful your underwear is, if you’re not comfortable wearing them then it’s all moot. Women, who are not comfortable wearing a thong or a G-string, can use seamless panties if they want to conceal panty lines underneath their dress or trousers.

Men, who want to be comfortable when going to sleep or appreciate a loose and airy feeling, should go for boxer shorts. In contrast, men, who sit a lot at work or require support when doing some heavy lifting, would prefer briefs or boxer briefs. 

Choose Quality

Don’t skimp on quality because in reality, most men and women only buy new underwear twice a year, so spending a little for comfort and confidence is money well-spent.

Avoid Tight Underwear

Avoid wearing undergarments that are not in your size. This is very common for women and their bra, most women have the wrong size of bra in the beginning and that affects them all throughout unless they get a proper fitting.

When panties often curl up around the waist, then you might want to go one size larger. Men generally avoid tight underwear, but women are likely to tolerate a constricted feeling and would likely to continue wearing a size that isn’t safe nor comfortable.

Fabric Material

Cotton is the go-to material when choosing your underwear. But for women, there is a lot of fabric to choose from:

  • Lace – light but flimsy, make sure to get a high-quality laced panty to avoid skin irritation.
  • Satin – It is soft, smooth, and light, it’s perfect when you want to have a relaxing evening in your lingerie.
  • Silk – Like satin, it’s light and seamless, and the panties made out of silk make for an interesting attire.
  • Jersey – This is good for underwear generally used on the beach, particularly when doing some physical activities.

There’s an interesting theory proposed by Alan Greenspan that goes: underwear, especially men’s, is a good indicator of economic health. This is because when austerity measures are required, more likely than not, undergarments are the first ones to cross off the shopping list. He may have been right to an extent, as people would always prioritize public garments. But regularly updating your underwear stock is also important and finding the right one is surprisingly more comfortable than your flimsy, thread-out undies.




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