4 Rookie Golf Mistakes You Can Fix Today

Author by Allen Brown

Taking up a new sport has its challenges and the learning process can be messy and clumsy at the beginning. Just like with learning any new skill, there are ups and downs as well as mixed feelings of excitement and frustration. Even choosing a stress-relieving sport like golf can be difficult at first before you get to the relaxing part. The best thing to do when you’re about to approach learning golf is doing enough research on what to look out for and things to avoid. 

If you feel a bit anxious about golfing with pros who might snicker about your lack of skill, here are some common rookie mistakes to work on for your next day on the field.

1. The Wrong Clubs

Having the right equipment is the key to excel in learning any new sport. Many people think all golf clubs are the same and don’t put enough thought into it, then wonder why they’re not doing as well as they imagined. In fact, golf clubs need to fit several factors, including your current level, swing speed, and accuracy. This means that your first set of clubs won’t stick around for long once you’ve improved your skills. There’s no need to complicate things when you’re choosing, but don’t just get the first ones you see as well.

2. Poor Stance

Here are some classic mistakes in golf relating to your stance and overall body movement while playing that you need to look out for:


Poor posture while playing any sport doesn’t only affect the way you play but could lead to serious injuries or back, shoulders, and neck problems. One of the most common mistakes in golf is standing too bent over or too upright, which leads to taking poor shots. Your back should be positioned in a way that allows consistent contact with the ball. Since your arms are doing all the moving the center should be poised and steady.

Hand Grip

Classic rookie mistake: gripping the club too tightly like it’s gonna escape your hands! Don’t get us the wrong way, you still need a firm grip so that you don’t send it flying away with the ball. The golf gurus at https://theleftrough.com/golf-grip/ can help you find that perfect balance between light, yet sturdy grip. They’ll take it nice and slow, step by step, with images to show you exactly how to hold it. The proper grip is crucial because holding on too tightly limits wrist movement which is the key to getting some shots!

Head Position

This one is probably the most common mistake seen in beginning golfers. Keeping your head down while swinging is the oldest rule in the book. Lifting your head while swinging makes your leading shoulder; the left one for right-handed people, to naturally rise along with it. Keep it down while you’re about to swing to keep your eye on the ball and prevent your shoulders from coming up along with the club, making you lose your perfect stance. 

3. Swinging Mistakes

Knowing the right way to swing your club is pretty much the basis for golfing. However, even when you know how it should be done, there are typical mistakes you might make while taking a swing. For example, doing an ‘all arms’ swing without using shoulders and hips movement means less power and distance in your swing. Swaying is another rookie mistake where golfers move their hips but not in the correct rotating movement. 

4. Estimating Distance

If you’ve been learning how to golf, you definitely experienced this classic mistake; you think you did a perfect shot, but it ends up falling short by a few yards. You might even try swinging as hard as you can, thinking it’ll mean a longer shot but it’ll make you lose your stance and balance when that’s what you need to have better distance estimation. This problem is the easiest to fix, all you need to do is pick a club that is longer than what you think you need. This is just at the beginning, with the time you’ll be able to estimate your shot distance perfectly.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that it’s all about practicing as much as you can so you can leave behind these rookie mistakes. Try not to get too much in your head about perfecting your stance, swing, and overall performance that you forget to enjoy yourself. Golf is one of the few sports that make you unwind and relax in a quiet, open green space, with people who share the love for the game. At first, it’ll feel like a burden to learn all its tricks, but once you do, it’s worth it.




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