Stuck at Home? Here are Some Movie Genres to Binge Watch

People are spending more and more time at home, from having to self isolation from traveling, quarantining from Covid-19, to working and studying at home. With all that extra time, you might find yourself spending a little more time on your favorite streaming sites, wondering what to watch. Here are some suggestions for movie genres to binge with your time.


Documentaries are not for everyone, but a good amount of people truly enjoy documentaries. This format of film provides a huge insight and new perspective in things in your daily life that you would not know about otherwise. Documentaries unveil a great deal of information on a wide range of topics; it is up to you which topics you want to learn more about. There is a documentary for almost any topic of interest, from prison life to food adventures. Because of its roots in reality, many viewers are intrigued by the ideas of learning more about their interests and this is typically done in an enjoyable fashion. 


Humorous and comedy movies are perfect for anyone that is stuck at home. They are great palate cleansers for more serious movies, and especially after horror movies. For those that are even looking to put a movie on in the background while they do other things, a comedy that you have already watched is great as the dialogue typically plays a large role in conveying humor and can be listened to without focusing on it. If you find yourself stuck at home with more time on your hands, sometimes you just need a good laugh to lift your spirits. 

Magic And Mystery

Speaking of spirits, a great genre of movies to binge is that of magic and mystery. There is something enthralling about the unknown. Mysteries rooted in both reality and fiction provide many enticing possibilities for narratives to lead you. Many Netflix witch shows will provide you different titles for whatever your mood is, whether you feel like a little horror, or simply just want some magic tied in with your drama. Magic and mystery are genres worth exploring with all your time at home.

Action And Adventure

If you find yourself at home with your family, friends or even a roommate, make the night more memorable with a movie night and put on a fun blockbuster. Action adventure movies take you on a huge journey that will provide you lots of excitement. There are also different movies for different ages, like superhero movies for families, or spy films for older and more mature audiences. If you and your group enjoyed the movie, you might want to make it a weekly event, and if this is the case, there are plenty of movie franchises that offer plenty of movies and sequels to binge and watch through.

Regardless of what your interests are, there is a genre out there for you and movies to enjoy. Why not take a shot on a different genre that you are not familiar with? You might just find your new favorite taste and new favorite movies.




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