5 ways to prevent skin dryness in winter using Dermaskill products

Skin dryness — is a popular issue many women encounter in winter. That is why skincare during cold seasons should be much different from the usual one. In this article, we will tell you about the reasons, symptoms of the phenomenon, and will provide you with the methods of treatment.

First thing we will start with is the reasons why dryness occurs. Generally, there are several factors influencing this problem: cold air, air heaters and conditioners, and improper hygiene.

  • Changes in temperature

The difference in temperatures, for example, during taking a bath leads to moisture evaporation.

  • Air conditioners and heaters

The use of these devices significantly dries out the skin.

  • Frost and wind

Although many people like to go out on a frosty evening, cold wind destroys the protective function of the skin.

  • Improper skincare

The cosmetics that doesn’t go well with your skin type, or washing hands more often than it is needed remove the lipid layer forming the protection barrier of the skin.

Skin dryness is considered one of the reasons for skin conditions, and more than 40% of visits to dermatologists are to some extent connected to skin dryness. It may appear everywhere. However, more often it appears on hands, legs, knees, elbows, as well as on the face. It may also be a factor of premature aging.

You can notice the dryness of the skin by such symptoms:

  • skin roughness
  • desquamation
  • intense pain and itchiness

But there is no problem not to be solved. In the 21st century, we have many methods using which you will keep your body hydrated and smooth any season.

  1. Healthy food

Okay, this may sound obvious, but we are what we eat. That is why it is essential to consume fruits and vegetables having a big amount of micronutrients and water. For example:

  • Cucumber;
  • Sweet pepper;
  • Mango, kiwi, and avocado;
  • Nuts;
  • Spinach and cilantro.

And, of course, drinking enough water is necessary as well.

  1. Professional care

Do not forget to visit beauty salons from time to time. Specialists better know what your skin requires. Massage, peeling, and spa — these are the remedies from cold wind and dry air.

  1. Makeup

It will be more beneficial to use cream-like shadows, concealers, oil blushers, and moisturizing lipsticks instead of dry and crumbly cosmetics.

When you choose products for makeup removing, buy those not having alcohol and sulfates in its compound. Also, use creams after taking the makeup off.

  1. Take a shower the right way

Surely, a thought of taking a hot bath will warm your soul, too. But we have to tell you that hot water makes skin dry and dehydrated, removes a protective layer, and makes it more vulnerable. We recommend you to take advantage of warm and cool water.

Besides that, replace the soap with a favorite gel or foam.

  1. Moisturizing procedures and quality cosmetics

Lotions, creams, and oils are the must-haves for any girl.

  • Use only natural products with a safe compound;
  • Apply a lotion on a wet body. This will help to maintain moisture and achieve the desired result faster;
  • Prefer oil-based creams and the ones that have antioxidants;

You may ask: «What skincare products do you personally use and recommend»?

Here, we have the top 3 products of the American brand DERMASKILL to fight against skin dryness:


After applying on the skin, this amazing gel with oxygen bubbles transforms into the foam and carefully cleanses and nourishes the skin. Extracts of pomegranate, clover, and black cohosh calm the skin and make it softer.


A high amount of hyaluronic acid in this serum hydrates and recovers your skin. Use it to get rid of wrinkles and various imperfections. Organic ingredients like oat and chamomile extracts will soothe and soften the skin. It is important to use it before a cream.


A perfect choice to get the smooth and gentle skin. Due to hyaluronic acid, sea collagen as well as a high concentration of peptides, it moisturizes skin from the inside and stimulates the work of the cells at all levels.

As you can see, even in a cold season it is easy to keep your skin look soft and smooth. Stick to our simple pieces of advice, and your body will look ideal always!


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