How to Maximize the Success of SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration is a process of shifting all the content and existing solutions that are present on the existing SharePoint to a new or an existing environment with usually, a newer version. Businesses opt for migrating to or between versions of SharePoint for various reasons and one of the main reasons among these is for gaining the benefits associated with the latest features and productivity tools that come along with the new version. The SharePoint migration choice completely depends on the business needs, strategies, and direction.

How Will You Take Care of SharePoint Migration?

Many organizations find it difficult to migrate their software to the cloud. Below mentioned are the most common ways companies can use to tackle the task of SharePoint Migration.

Use Migration Tools

Tools used for transferring the data from one ecosystem to another ecosystem without making changes to the current software are mostly known as migration tools. These migration tools do this by a process of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data to make sure that its form is well-matched with its new storage location. There are various migration tools available in the market.

Database Attach Approach also is known as manual migration

Companies can migrate your SharePoint manually also. This needs to be done with in-depth and careful planning. To migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online step by step, you need to list down and follow all the instructions in a specific order for a successful SharePoint Migration.

Migration of Custom Solutions

Tools and database attach method can help you in content migration. However, none of them are valuable for migrating your customized solutions. The migration approach for custom-developed solutions depends on the individual solution and SharePoint organization and thus, varies very much for each case. A SharePoint Advisor like Apps4Rent can guide you the best when it comes to custom solutions migration. You can check the possibility of simply upgrading your custom solutions without changing the architecture by migrating server-side code and master pages and make changes to CSS and JS files.

If you have your in-house IT team of SharePoint developers, you can avail it to migrate your SharePoint deployment by yourself. Whether by using a tool or a manual one, SharePoint migration needs planning with a high level of technical skill as any mistaken step can lead to expensive data and information loss. Also, many times, in-house migration can become a subordinate activity for the developers, to be taken up in their free time which increases the migration windows to months. It not only makes the employees use the half-baked product but also restricts the business reaping the whole benefits offered by the new SharePoint version.

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