Musical Instruments Children Enjoy Playing

The sun is pouring into your room through the blinds. It’s Sunday morning. Coffee is brewing. Before your feet even touch the floor, you hear notes from a guitar dance down the corridor to greet you. You used to get woken up by the sound of cartoons, but you just got your daughter her first guitar, and she’s not wasting any time. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” never sounded so sweet. 

Watching your child learn how to play an instrument can be a very rewarding experience. It has been known to build confidence in learners, and as you probably already knew, music brings people together. Described below are a few of the most enjoyable instruments for children to learn. 


There are numerous reasons why you might want your child to play an instrument—reasons like the fact that it teaches them discipline and shows them how hard work can pay off. However, your child’s reasons for learning an instrument will likely have little to do with your reasons, and you might struggle to convince your child to even give it a shot at all, as it can be a very difficult, and albeit, boring process to endure (at least in the beginning, anyway). 

The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to get children to consider because of rock and roll culture. All of the world’s greatest rock stars started down their path to fame with a Kids Guitars that someone probably gifted them. An acoustic guitar doesn’t have the glamour or shine that an electric guitar has, but just remind your little one that to be a frontman that packs out arenas, you must start with the simple basics. 

Encourage your kid to push through the first several months in spite of their feelings about it. Warn them that playing will be painful until calluses develop on their fingertips and that it might take several months before a complete song can be produced—but oh, how wonderful it will be to make people sing and dance when they learn their first song! 


Legendary piano players might not be household names your child has ever heard of or can even pronounce, but it’s highly likely that their heartstrings have been tugged on by the gentle notes of a piano while they were watching their favorite Disney movie. The piano is one of the most commonly played instruments among children because of how easy it is for beginners to get started. There’s so many songs out there that your son or daughter has most likely heard, like Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that are so pleasing to the ears and might sound challenging to play but are actually quite easy to master, even for newbies.

Unlike the guitar and other stringed instruments, there are very little physical discomforts that go along with playing the piano, and the most pain your child will experience is maybe a little finger soreness from stretching to reach keys. The piano is also one of the greatest accompanying instruments because it compliments many vocal styles well and can bring new life to songs that weren’t originally performed on piano. If you’ve noticed that your child is a talented singer, then the piano might be the best option as it’s one of the easiest instruments to play while singing. 


Like its famous counterpart the guitar, the drums have that cool factor that could gain the interest of even the most apathetic child. If you struggle to get your child interested in new hobbies, then the drums might be your best bet for getting your kid to put down the video games to learn something that will increase the quality of their life tenfold. 

Playing the drums isn’t like playing any other instrument. It’s a physical activity that requires strength and endurance. Introducing kids to sports is an entirely different bear to wrestle with, but the drums could be a great place to start if you want to get your kids’ energy levels up. Does your little one already have plenty of energy? Do they show signs of having good coordination or rhythm? Even better. Anyone who can hold two sticks can learn how to play the drums, but it comes even easier for those who are athletic or agile. 


The violin is a favorite amongst young people because it tends to stand out against all the aforementioned instruments. Children are attracted to the idea that they’ll likely be the only one in their class who plays the stringed instrument. Not only that, but there’s something so inspiring about the act of playing the violin—the fluid motions of the bow gliding over the strings, making a sound so angelic and ethereal. There’s a sense of stoic composure to violin players, as it requires a lot of focus to maintain the proper positioning of the instrument and the body. 

There’s an air of discipline combined with the confidence that radiates off the musician who is determined enough to take on such a challenging instrument. As one of the most formidable instruments to take on, the violin can certainly teach your kid a thing or two about self-discipline. If your child is the stubborn type, then the violin might be the perfect mate, as the road to mastering this instrument is speckled with sweat and tears. 


The long, embellished notes of a stringed instrument don’t hit you the same way the high-pitched flurry of notes from a flute. The flute is often considered a cherry on top of any musical arrangement it appears on—songs just wouldn’t be the same without it! The flute has a delicate power to it, like a gust of wind that rolls in the tide. It’s adored by young people for its calming quality of sound, and also its prevalence and mobility. There’s a flute section in every school band, but they won’t have to carry a giant horn around the school, as the flute and its casing fits easily into your average-sized backpack. The flute is definitely the best wind instrument option for any young learner.

Some kids are into everything from the time their crawling to the day they leave home to venture out into the world. But some kids need a little support from the people they trust most to kickstart their interest in things. As aloof and lethargic as young people can seem, especially with the influence of technology, it’s important to remember that they’re inexperienced and won’t know that they like something until they’re introduced to it. 

One thing that most people have in common is the ability to be inspired by music. For millennia, humans have been sharing their love of music with each other, proving time and time again that the spirit of music moves people and also brings them together. Allow your child not just the chance to experience that, but to be an active participant in such an incredibly fulfilling aspect of human existence.


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