Writing a Fashion Essay | Tips for College Students

Assignments are an inescapable part of being a student. Maybe staying up late investigating and writing an essay is not what you had in mind when you enrolled for your fashion course. However, during your time in college, you will be asked to work on multiple projects with varying levels of complexity. If you are struggling to get started on your essay, don’t worry. Outlined here are tips on how you can improve your writing skills and ace that project.

  • Avoid procrastination

Most students find college rather hectic, particularly during the freshman year. It may be the first time you are tasked with planning your own schedule and prioritizing your responsibilities. We encourage students to create calendars and journals where they plan their assignments.

Knowing when every project is due will help you to avoid procrastination and to make sure that every deadline is met. There may be times when you cannot work on your assignments either because you don’t have time or because you don’t know how. In such cases, consider getting professional help from a reliable paper writer online.

  • Make sure you understand the instructions

This first point may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people fail their assignments because they have not understood the requirements. Most of the time, instructors provide prompts where they outline what the student is expected to achieve. Writing an outstanding paper is not possible until you have fully understood what you are expected to do. So, before you sit down to start writing, read and reread the instructions. Seek clarifications, if needed.

  • Start by brainstorming for ideas

    Never rush into writing your paper. Starting with the prewriting phase. Brainstorming is where you think about everything you already know about the topic. Of course, this is if you have been given a topic to work on. In some instances, students are given the freedom to choose their topics. Freedom allows you to pick something you actually love. Just make sure that your choice is relevant, interesting, and up-to-date.

  • Create an outline and plan appropriately
  • Outlining may seem like an unnecessary step in the writing process, but it is actually very important. It is the part where you get to plan out the rest of your paper. With an outline, you get to save on time during the writing process. Also, outlining allows you to cover all the important points when drafting your paper. It guides the research process and allows you to plan the sections of your essay.
  • Research well and take good notes
  • Academic papers require the use of credible evidence to reinforce points made during the writing process. The implication here is that you ought to research different sources to include in your writing. Use a rich blend of evidence, including primary and secondary sources. Also, remember to paraphrase content into your work. Your evidence should fit seamlessly in your prose without breaking coherence. As you research, take notes that you can later use for citations and references.
  • Begin drafting as soon as you can
  • All the preparation in the world will not help you much if you don’t get started on the writing process on time. The goal of spending time in the prewriting phase is to hasten the drafting of your work. Don’t waste time checking grammar and syntax during this stage. You can find time for editing later. This phase of your project should be about getting all your ideas down on paper.

    Use the outline and the items from your research. Remember, most academic papers should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You can use sections and subsections to structure your arguments. Also, make sure that you only include one main idea for each paragraph. Don’t forget to cite all the sources of your evidence. Another useful tip, paraphrasing is much better using direct quotes when including ideas from others in your work.

  • Find time to proofread your work
  • Never submit any academic paper without serious editing and proofreading. Most students get poor grades in their written projects because they miss this important step. Editing is the process of going through your document and ensuring that all your project requirements have been addressed. Editing also means checking for formatting and citation consistency.

    Academic writing is a necessary skill for all college students. Don’t panic if you still don’t know how to create quality papers. With some practice, you can perfect the art of research and writing. Keep practicing and read widely. Most importantly, always edit and improve your assignments.


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