Daring First Date Ideas That Might Pay Off

The world of dating has changed drastically from what it once was. Thanks to the fast-moving world of online dating, more often than not we’re thinking of swipes and short coffee dates instead of a nice conversation, or at the very least, a fun time. What’s worse is that when we do set up a date, we mainly opt-in for the classic dinner date that can get very stale, very quickly. If you see yourself as an adventurous person and think you can convince your potential date to try out something different, then here are a few daring first date ideas for a guaranteed good time.

Hit up a Casino

It might not be what you were expecting, but that’s the whole point! Heading over to a casino for a first date is a nearly full-proof way to have some fun. These places are packed with a ton of exciting games that you and your date can try out while you get to know each other better. You can go for the fast-paced slots, a round of poker, or the iconic roulette wheel that never fails to bring a good time. If you’re not too familiar with casino games, you can practice for your date with Casimba Roulette and many other entertaining games in this licensed online casino.

See a Fortune Teller

Bringing a date to the fortune teller might seem like a horrible idea to most people, but when you think about it, it’s genius! Whether it’s through a crystal ball, a deck of tarot cards, or a palm reading, you and your date can get some future insight about your relationship right from the get-go! Sure, it’s a bit silly, but that’s exactly what makes it perfect. A big problem with first dates is breaking the ice, and if this doesn’t open up a ton of conversation topics during drinks later, then nothing will.

Explore the City

Exploring the city might be somewhat tamer when compared to the rest of our suggestions, but it can still lead to something wild. Instead of heading to your classic preferred date location, why not go on an adventure and explore what your city has to offer. You’d be surprised by what you might have missed when you weren’t paying attention! This is a great opportunity for you and your date to talk about your interest and find an exciting new place to visit.

Nothing Beats Karaoke

There’s nothing more daring than laying it all out on the line and singing your heart out on a first date. Of course, a karaoke bar is the best place to do this. You and your date can start things off with the array of excellent cocktails these places often serve and once you gather up the courage, show off your singing skills! It doesn’t matter if you have the voice of an angel or sound like a meat grinder, you win either way by impressing your date with your unbeatable karaoke repertoire or giving them a fun experience to laugh over.



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