How to Easily Improve Your Blood Flow and Circulation

Maintaining a proper blood flow is an integral aspect of keeping your body healthy. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients, the flow also carries away wastes and helps maintain the body’s pH balance and temperature. Healthy blood circulation helps in cell regeneration and growth. It also improves the skin, which in turn helps protect you from diseases.

A healthy blood system has one-way valves that help the blood flow in the veins. These valves are open when blood flows to the heart, and it closes when they’re through. An increase in pressure can expand walls, and in time, it becomes enlarged that the valves can’t close it properly. The blood will leak back down to the legs and can worsen the vein along with increasing the pressure further. This causes Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Here are some of the things you can do to help with your circulation:

Quit Smoking

This is very important as nicotine constricts your blood vessels, it basically limits blood flow to the entire body. The constriction due to the nicotine will leave the vessels stiff. This affects some nutrients from being absorbed by your body for its needs.

Exercise and a Healthy Diet

Exercise helps blood circulation, but it’s also worth remembering to wear proper clothes and equipment. Choose the right fit so you’ll have enough support without losing its breathability. Mind the weather as you’ll also have to make the necessary adjustments to suit it.

A healthy diet that promotes blood flow includes nuts, fruits, avoiding too much sugar, and eating only what your body requires. Maintaining a healthy weight is important in easing blood flow.

Compression Garments

Therapeutic compression garments promote healthy circulation of blood in the body, which helps you move better. According to the Vascular Surgeons of Australia, 75% of those who are suffering from a serious form of leg ulcers are caused by chronic vein and arteries diseases. If you’re suffering from poor blood flow symptoms on your lower body, you’ll have to look for compression socks for sale in Australia and prevent an even more serious problem. The compression socks apply pressure to your ankles and legs to promote blood flow. It reduces the swelling and pain on your ankles, calves, and feet from when you stand for long hours at a time.

Athletes like runners and those who rely on their leg movements use compression socks during and after exercise. It is believed that the eased blood flow helps in their performance as more oxygen is supplied into their muscles.

Avoid Long Hours Immobile

Long periods of immobility slow down blood flow that ultimately puts you at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). If your job requires you to stand for long durations, it may help to wear support garments underneath to help with your blood flow. This doesn’t only apply to those who stand all-day as it equally has the same effects on people who sit on their chair for many hours in a day. Remember to give yourself ample time to move a bit to get the blood flowing.

While the causes of poor blood flow are numerous, you don’t have to wait for them to come up before you do something about it. Many of the symptoms are not just unattractive, they’re also very uncomfortable and oftentimes painful. Doing little changes in your daily routine can help maintain a healthy circulation that would lead you to a long healthy, and happy life.



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