In What Clothes is it Customary to go to Gambling Establishments?

Gambling is a past-time enjoyed by many in Sweden. Though online casinos, like ruby fortune, have grown in popularity, patrons still enjoy the glamorous atmosphere at a land-based casino.

Aside from the legal age requirements, you should be sure to check up on the house rules before visiting. One of the most common restrictions you’ll encounter is the casino dress code. We’ve spoken to expert, Dominic Andreasson about he various casino fashion requirements you could expect to find.

What are the Different Dress Codes and What do They Mean?

A dress code refers to a venue’s preference for what you should wear to accommodate the atmosphere. In general, higher-end casinos require that patrons have a more formal dress code. The following are some of the casino dress codes you can expect.


A casual dress code implies that you can wear everyday clothes, shoes optional. However, casual wear is generally not allowed in casinos and is mostly forbidden.


Smart-casual implies that you dress presentably, but there’s no need for a tie or blazer. Make sure that your shoes and socks match your outfit. All four of the land casinos in Sweden require you to dress smart-casual and forbid wearing hats.


The formal dress code requires a man to wear a suit with matching shoes. Clothes should be well-fitting and without wrinkles. Ensure that although you dress more formally, you’re still comfortable.


Black tie is exceptionally formal and requires you to wear a bow-tie instead of a necktie. Women should wear long dresses, no shorter than knee-length and avoid wearing revealing clothes.

How to Prepare Before Visiting a Casino

Check the Casinos Website

Before visiting a casino, it’s essential to check their dress code to ensure that you dress appropriately and prevent being turned away. Casino dress codes may vary between one another as well as between high-stake games and lower stake games. You may need to rent or buy new clothes for this occasion, so be sure to add it to your budget.

Plan Your Outfit

Plan your outfit before visiting the casino and make sure to have a backup in case something goes wrong. Your ensemble should follow casino fashion, and you should avoid wearing forbidden items. Remember to include your shoes in the planning.

Make Sure it’s Clean

Adding to the atmosphere is a clean and flawless ensemble. Double-check that you don’t have any hidden stains or tears before you head for your night out. Give it all a good steam or iron to get rid of any stubborn wrinkles. This all adds to the image of perfection that casinos create.

Hang it Up While You’re Getting Ready

Hang your casino clothes on appropriate hangers out of the way while you are getting ready. Should you lay them down on a bed or in a basket, new creases will form, and you’ll need to iron them again. Hanging them out of the way will decrease your chance of knocking them off when you walk past, which may dirty them.

Clean Your Shoes Before Leaving the House/Hotel

Remember to clean your shoes before leaving your house. There should be no scuff or dirt marks on them, and you should tie your laces neatly. Wear appropriate socks, as others will be able to see these when you sit down. Your shoes should always match and compliment your outfit. 


Nightclubs have different dress codes than casinos. So if you wish to end your evening at a nightclub, be sure to check their website too. Dress codes may vary between casinos, as well as between different games. It would be best to check this information before they turn you away due to wearing incorrect casino clothes.


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