10 Must-Have Luxury Travel Items for Your Holiday

There’s nothing quite like traveling in style. While budget airlines and early hour flights help to keep costs down, they’re not indicative of comfort or luxury. Yet even if you travel business class and relax in opulent airport lounges, the journey can still be a dull and uncomfortable one.

This is where luxurious travel items can help. Whether you’re sitting on an airplane or relaxing by the beach, they can improve your holiday tenfold. Here are ten must-have luxury items to add to your travel repertoire.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Airports are noisy. Airplanes are noisy. Popular destinations such as New York and Tokyo are noisy. Sometimes you need a break from it – and that’s where noise-canceling headphones come into play. Apple AirPods Pro delivers that functionality along with ample style, ensuring you can listen to your favorite 80’s pop ballads in comfort.

2. Travel wallet

A fancy leather travel wallet is ideal for keeping your money and credit cards in a safe place when traveling. Some wallets feature enough room to store your mobile phone and even a backup battery.

3. Upmarket toiletries

If you’re staying at a five-star hotel, this point might not apply. Yet if your accommodation is, say, a villa in Greece, it’s unlikely your host is going to supply the most opulent of toiletries. Take a Molton Brown bath set and bathe in luxury, and treat your skin after a long flight. After all, your skin must be cared for, no matter where you are.

4. Hardshell carry-on case

You don’t want to go cheap when selecting your carry-on case. You want one which is durable yet lightweight, where you can securely store as many possessions as possible without going over stringent airline carry-on weight limits. This is why a hardshell case is recommended.

5. Packing cubes

In their packing guide, one of the top tips offered by CashLady is to use packing cubes. After all, nobody likes a disorganized suitcase. Instead of spending what seems like an eternity sorting out your belongings once you reach your accommodation, use packing cubes to complete the task in seconds.

6. Sheepskin slippers

It’s not possible to take all of your home comforts with you on holiday. Yet a pair of slippers is small enough to take with you. Plus when you get some high-quality sheepskin ones, you have a great soother for your feet after a long day of exploring.

7. Tablet computer

Whether you want to watch a movie or keep up with work, a tablet computer is a great travel item. It’s less bulky than a laptop, plus a high-end tablet like the Microsoft Surface supplies all the functionality you could need.

8. Anti-wrinkle eye revitaliser

Travelling doesn’t leave much time for sleeping. Yet you don’t want to be walking around with unsightly dark circles around your eyes when on holiday. This is why a product like Chanel Le Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Revitaliser can work wonders.

9. Cashmere travel set

When you have a long flight, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Well a quality cashmere travel set, complete with blanket and eye mask, can keep you warm and cosy.

10. High-quality footwear

Other than your passport and mobile phone with all your booking details, the most important item for your holiday is your footwear. After all, you don’t want to walk around with blisters and sore feet. Whether it’s hiking boots or trainers, make sure you invest in high-quality footwear to keep your feet comfortable.



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