4 Celebrities With Awesome Sauna Setups In Their Homes

(Photo: The Ice Bath)

In recent years, sauna therapy has gained global acclamation for its use as an anti-aging remedy. Infrared sauna therapy is one of the biggest anti-aging trends in the celebrity world. Many of us are likely to trust celebrities for fashion, trends, and good looks. In Hollywood alone, many celebrities tout the benefits of sauna therapy. Many of them use sauna therapy as part of their fitness and health routines.

Additionally, other benefits of infrared sauna therapy include weight loss, detox, and improved sleep quality. Other celebrities even claim infrared saunas as a secret to their beauty. One of the secrets to beauty that is effective and affordable is infrared sauna bathing. Here are four celebrities who have recognized the benefits of infrared sauna and have them in their homes.

  1. Lady Gaga

Pop music queen Lady Gaga is a frequent infrared sauna therapy user. A few years ago, she revealed her struggle with chronic pain. Gaga also suggested a few tips on how to relieve pain without modern medication. One of the best options she suggested was using good portable infrared alternatives, which helped her battle fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Infrared sauna therapy as the infrared heaters play a significant role in healing the body. It can penetrate the muscles, tissues, and joints, increasing blood circulation and speeding the flow of oxygen. In an Instagram post, the established pop queen told her followers that an infrared sauna is the best investment for your money, especially if you’re struggling with pain control.

2. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is no new entrant in the celebrity world. She’s a top model and one of the Victoria Secret angels. Critics argue Miranda is one of the most beautiful women globally, so Miranda Kerr takes her appearance seriously. A decade ago, she launched her brand of skincare products, which embraces organic skincare benefits. The usage of the infrared sauna is one of her favorite skincare treatments. She openly confessed in an interview that she is obsessed with infrared sauna and how the rays help to detoxify her body. 

3. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one celebrity figure who is all about natural methods, and an infrared sauna is her favorite. In an interview with Forbes.com, Aniston shared some of her fitness and beauty tips. One of the interesting points from the interview was how the infrared sauna helps her have beautiful and glowing skin. She also went ahead to talk about cell generation, relaxation, and detoxification, which she achieves as a result of infrared sauna therapy. Many people have admitted openly that her looks are the best proof of what she talks about.

4. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford might be clocking her early fifties, but she doesn’t look it. She has a strict beauty regime, which has helped her maintain flawless skin and hair for decades. Additionally, she has also kept herself in good shape by following a strict fitness routine. One of her secrets is spending at least a few minutes in an infrared sauna every week. She praises infrared saunas for the many benefits like improved skin tone, detoxification, relaxation, among many others.

The benefits of infrared saunas are immense. As we have mentioned above, some of the benefits include improved skin tone, relaxation, detox, pain relief, or relaxing your body and mind, among others. The good news is that infrared saunas are not restricted to celebrities. You can have one installed at your home or visit a Wellness Centre.


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