5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Winter Jacket

Winters are almost here and we couldn’t be more excited about the plethora of options that we can enjoy. Cozy blankets, warm cappuccino, and fairy lights, winters are a different vibe altogether.

The wardrobe options are also endless like a trench coat, parka coats, overcoats, puffer jackets, and a lot of classier items. But it can often be a challenge to find stylish and warm jackets. There are times when we buy eye-catching apparel but do not get the chance to wear them.

Those items usually sit in our cupboard for a long time, staring at us and making us feel incredibly guilty for splurging so much money on them. To prevent this for your winter wardrobe, we have listed 5 factors that you should consider before buying winter jackets. Read till the end for a bonus tip.

Consider your body shape

We all are guilty of being fascinated by an item worn by a celebrity or influencer and being obsessed with purchasing it. However, very much so, we are not able to nail the look the way someone else did.

This is because every human being is blessed with a different body type. Like what works for an apple body type, may not work for a pear body shape. Hence, study your body cautiously and decide what will work for you. This also includes considering your height. There are certain items that can help create the illusion of looking taller or shorter than the actual height.

For instance, taller people look better with long overcoats and shorter people can make themselves look taller by wearing a uniform outfit of black leather jacket along with black jeans and boots. So be sure of whether you are an endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph and other body factors and shop accordingly.

Consider where you live

Before you pay for the perfect jacket, make sure to consider your location beforehand. Be mindful of where you live and the type of weather and climatic conditions that have been prevailing there for years.

Not all places experience winters in the same way. If you are someone who lives closer to the hills, mountains, places with high altitude, or places where it snows; you will require thicker jackets like faux fur, windcheaters, leather jackets, etc.

However, if you live in places closer to the equator, thinner jackets such as bombers, suede, or polyester will suffice. Places, where it rains a lot, may require water-resistant jackets. Even though some items are trendier than others, but be sure to prioritize your location and warmth.

Consider the quality and fabric of the item

Quality and fabric are some of the most essential factors to consider before buying a winter jacket. Winter wardrobe is more expensive than the summer wardrobe and has to be stretched for a longer time period.

This is because summer trends come and go but some winter staples are evergreen. So, try not to buy winter jackets online as it’s important to run your hands through the texture, the material, fabric, and ensure that the quality matches certain standards.

Try on the jacket and make sure that it is keeping you warm enough and fitting you perfectly. Make sure that you are able to breathe in the fabric and are comfortable with it. Do not go for acrylic fabrics, read the labels carefully, and make sure to go for quality over quantity. Cross-check the zippers if they are functioning smoothly or not

Consider your size

In order to nail the perfect look, you should be aware of your size. Even if you buy a quality warm jacket with great fabric, as per the ongoing trends and your body type, it will not be of any use if it doesn’t sit right on your body.

So, know your dimensions and carefully read the dimensions as mentioned on the tag or product description. You can choose to go for an oversized look intentionally or a well tight-fitted look, but knowing your right size is still essential for that.

Also, make sure that you have enough room to put on pre-layers underneath, especially if you choose to buy well-fitted items. Wear layers underneath before trying on the item so you can see if you’re comfortably able to move your limbs.

Consider your pre-existing wardrobe

Before you buy a winter jacket for yourself, try to picture the entire outfit with the clothes and accessories that you already have. This is especially in the case if you are going for more colorful items.

If you are someone who always likes to look on a fleek without making any fashion disasters, ensure that the jacket you are buying will go well with the sweaters/ layers and jeans that you have.

Even though it may feel like all jackets are going to be buttoned up, so in that case, consider all other accessories that you have. These may include your boots, bags or scarfs, stoles, and shawls. When in doubt, choose black or neutrals.


Now that you’ve made it to the end, here’s your bonus tip. Always buy only those jackets that have sufficient pockets and spacing.

After all, what will be the point of wearing so many layers to keep yourself warm if your hands are freezing? So more the pockets, the better the jacket. Also, try to look for exceptional features like a detachable hood, storm cap, et cetera, Now go slay in your perfect winter look!


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