Things to consider before playing slots

There is one picture of casinos which all players are familiar with and that’s the one of the old-fashioned pull lever slot machine, also known as the “one-armed bandit”. They are some of the most popular games in the casino and for good reason – slot games are extremely fun to play, easy to learn as well as very faced-paced. They can also be very lucrative too, with some progressive jackpot slots having huge jackpots that can turn players into millionaires overnight. Plus, thanks to technology, you can play slots online at your own convenience and spin the reels whenever and wherever you are, even from the comfort of your own sofa. 

So, you can probably see the appeal of slot games! But, before you dive straight in, here are a few things you should consider before you play slots.  

Understand what the different symbols mean 

One of the first things to consider doing before playing slots is to get to know the game’s symbols, as they can a significant impact on the game. The symbols that appear on the reels are dictated by a random number generator which means they can’t be influenced by external factors or people, they are totally random! Some symbols are higher paying symbols and they will appear less frequently than other, lower-paying symbols. This means that the odds can’t be calculated by simply multiplying the number of symbols by the number of reels as the winning symbols combinations are less likely than non-winning combinations.   

Check out the game’s RTP before playing 

There are so many slots out there to play and it can sometimes be difficult to choose which one to play! One thing to consider before choosing which slot to play is what the payback percentage (return to player percentage) is so that you can choose the game with the best rate. Slot games usually have payback percentages of around 97% on average, but some do go higher and even slightly lower than this and it can make a difference. The higher the RTP percentage, the better is the key thing to take away from this!  

Each spin is independent 

The third thing to consider before playing slots is that each spin of the reel is independent of every other spin and every spin is completely random. This basically means that previous spins don’t have any bearing whatsoever on the next spin. Consequently, the chance of hitting the jackpot or landing a winning combination doesn’t increase which each spin as this is not how the game operates.  

The odds are against you 

Before you play slots it’s important to have realist expectations of the game to ensure you have an enjoyable experience without the expectation that playing slots is going to be a quick and easy way to make money. When playing slots, remember that the odds are against you so wins will come around less frequently than losses. Learn to take the losses with grace, celebrate your win and enjoy the experience as a whole!


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