Why You Need a Quality Instrument When Learning to Play

Learning a new instrument is something that can be done at any age. Not only are there many benefits to learning a new instrument, but taking up a new hobby can help with anything from insomnia to resolving anxiety or helping with depression. There are ample benefits to learning a new instrument. Some instruments are much harder to learn than others. This should be taken into consideration when deciding which instrument is best to learn. For example, the violin is much harder to learn than the harp. The harp is much harder to learn than the piano. It is important to understand the challenges of the instrument that you choose ahead of time to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your learning experience. 

Benefits Of Learning To Play

There are both cognitive benefits of learning how to play a new instrument as well as emotional and physical benefits. Some of the benefits of learning how to play a new instrument include:

Becoming Smarter

When you take on a new instrument, then you are unlocking new portions of your brain. Not only will you utilize your brain more, but also you will build your reasoning skills and can improve your memory and cognitive recognition. 

Social Life

You can also improve your social life by taking up a new musical instrument. You can meet new people this way, join musical groups or online forums and become connected to an entirely new community that you weren’t connected with before. 

Build Confidence

You can also enjoy new and improved self-confidence at any age when it comes to learning how to play a new instrument. This is highly important at any phase in life. Those who are constantly seeking growth and self-improvement can take up a new instrument to reap the benefits that it bestows. 

Why Quality?

Once you have decided to take up a new instrument, then you will want to find the right instrument to start with, such as the piano, harp, or guitar. Then, you will need to find the right instrument to learn! This means seeking out an actual piano or guitar for your lessons and to practice. Finding these instruments isn’t always easy, and it may take time to find one that fits within your budget. However, it is important to start with a quality instrument from the get-go, and here’s why:

Cheap Instruments Don’t Sound As Good

If you are learning on a cheap instrument or an old, borrowed one, then it isn’t going to sound as good as a quality instrument. This is because they are often not built with quality materials or in a quality way that will promote the best sound quality. The pros over at APassant.net recommend high-quality instruments for attaining the best sound quality. Bad sound quality can make learning slightly more frustrating as well as less responsive sounds that you are trying to create. 

They Break 

Of course, you can break any type of high-quality instrument as well, but cheaply made instruments will break much more easily than high-quality instruments. If you continually break your cheaply made instrument then you will end up spending more money buying new, cheaper instruments than you would’ve spent on a higher quality instrument in the first place. 

They Are Harder To Tune 

Cheaply made instruments are much harder to tune than higher quality instruments, and again, this is due to the use of cheaper materials. With a cheaper instrument, then the notes may go out of tune as you are playing as well, which will cause you to stop and retune often. This can be a frustrating deterrent for continuing to play the instrument. 

You’ll Try Harder

If you spend more money on a quality musical instrument, then you are far more likely to try harder to learn how to play it. You’ll be more motivated and will produce more quality music much faster than with a cheaper instrument. You can find quality instruments for all budgets. If you can’t afford to purchase a brand new instrument then you can also consider purchasing a high quality used one.

With all of the challenges that come with learning to play a new musical instrument, you should give yourself the best possible start by finding the right instrument for your needs. Choosing a high-quality instrument from the start should be your first priority to save yourself added time and frustration. Learning to play a new instrument can be frustrating, but also very enjoyable and rewarding. 



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