How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Child

If you look for children’s toys, bear in mind that you don’t need to spend a fortune. Once you bought an expensive and big toy, you can keep in mind that the child will likely ask for a bigger and better toy next time.

Teach them the value of things

Children are not aware of the toy’s value, and they don’t understand how money works. That’s why you should teach them to cherish little things and be humbler. Toys are not something that the child must have, and therefore you need to teach them to value things that matter in life and be happy with what they already have.

It is all about teaching the child about the essence of gratitude and not taking everything for granted. If we fail to teach them that we will end up with a spoiled and ungrateful child.

According to ParentingNerd, parents usually struggle at to find the perfect gift and toy ideas at first during Christmas time, but in the end they end up buying way too many toys. This is also wrong because you teach the child to never be satisfied with only one or two toys. They will always ask for more and more. Once the child has opened one present, he can’t wait to open the next one.  It would be wise not to give them more than two presents in one day. They are not able to focus just on one toy when they know there are more to be opened. Keep it humble.

Things to consider before buying a gift


Always make sure that the toys you buy are age-appropriate for the child. This is because the market offers many toys that can help the child’s development and improve their skills. Each stage of the child’s development requires different toys that can help him go through the next one. There’s a huge difference between the best toys and gift ideas for 7-year-old boys vs. 11-year-old girls – see yourself.


We all want to see that bright smile on the child’s face when you give them a toy, but safety must be a priority. Buying expensive toys from well-known brands doesn’t necessarily mean that you are buying a safe product. If you are buying a toy for a child that tends to put stuff in its mouth, then toys that have small parts are a potential choking hazard. Another unsafe side would be sharp edges that can easily harm the child. Stuffed toys should not contain toxic materials, and they shouldn’t be easy to break. Look for a toy made from natural materials that are good for your child and the environment. If possible, go for toys made of sustainable materials meaning they are non-plastic, phthalates, free of BPAs, PVC, or toxic dyes and chemicals.

Wrapping can make a difference

When we give gifts to a person, we usually do it to express affection or gratitude towards that person. It usually is all about the gesture than it is about the actual gift. Having the gift wrapped in some cool ribbons and wrapping papers can make the whole ritual more memorable. It is the joy of giving what is important, and children should see that.

Keep in mind preferences

Always think about what the child loves doing; that way, you can buy him/her a toy that is related to his favorite activity. It is all about feeding the child’s interest; otherwise, there is no point in all this. Imagine a kid that loves animals but doesn’t love cars. You certainly won’t buy that kid some sort of a vehicle.


Toys that can be shared with other kids are always a good idea. Puzzles and board games can be played with not only other kids but also with the family. These kinds of games can be played for many years to come, and the kid can develop a sense of competition.

Learning factor

Toys are also a good way of learning things. Many times, toys are a primary way for kids to learn. A good combo would be a toy that fosters free play and also creativity. Also, there those kinds of toys that teach skills like literacy and numeracy.

If you don’t or you are not sure what to buy, a book is always a good choice. Children usually are not big fans of books, but as they grow up, they will learn their value. A book is a present that can last for many years, and it also can be shared with other people.


Toys have the potential to be used for many years; that is why you should look for those with a long lifespan. Those kinds of toys can be handed down to many other kids as well.


The child’s gender also plays a major role in choosing a toy. It is needless to say that boys and girls mainly have different interests, and for example, a princess doll probably won’t be something you should buy for a boy.  On the other hand, some presents like gender-neutral, like books and those designed for skill development.

Buying gifts for other kids

If you are buying a toy for a child that is not yours, it would be wise to ask their parents for advice. Maybe the parents have some rules when it comes to their child’s toy, or simply the child may already have the toy you were thinking of buying. Usually, a bit older kids already have some hobbies or passion into something, for example they might really like Star Wars gifts.


We can conclude that giving gifts to a child or anyone, in particular, is a way of communicating with the recipient of that gift. Some parents use gifts as compensation for not spending enough time with their children. They think that they will make up for all the time they did not spend with their child.

This might work for some kids, but most of them would still be deeply affected by their parents’ absence from all the important events in their lives. Children like to be around their parents on a daily basis as well; they need affection and attention. Not having those elements in their lives might affect them on a psychological level.

What we are trying here to say is that yes, presents do bring joy to the children, but what is more important in the long run, is the time they spend with their parents. Happy memories and experiences are the best gifts that any parent can give.


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