Learning How To Take a Break

In this world where #beyourownboss and monetizing your hobbies is encouraged, it’s also increasingly hard to take a well-earned break. We often feel guilty about sitting and recharging, even if we’re close to breaking point. With side hustles and an ‘always productive’ lifestyle, burning out is a very real threat that has to be avoided. Learning how to take a break is vital, and even some small changes to your life can be more beneficial than you might think. Here’s how to introduce the concept of having a break into your life. It might be easier than you ever thought!

Use Break Techniques

One of the most famous break techniques is called Pomodoro, which suggests that taking a break every 25 minutes improves concentration and productivity. Pomodoro is very popular, but there are alternative techniques like Flowtime, Getting Things Done, or The Action Method. Research has shown that taking a seventeen-minute break every 52 minutes is very advantageous. Not only does knowing that you have a break period coming make you more focused on your work, but it also prevents cognitive boredom that can end up distracting you. Plan your break periods throughout the day and you’ll find that your mind and your workload will benefit.

Find the Right Distraction

One of the hardest aspects of learning how to take a break is knowing how to switch your brain off from work. The problem is that the more we dwell on workloads, the less focused we become. That means you need to find activities that will distract you and there are plenty to consider. If you’re taking regular breaks but are sitting there thinking about work instead of relaxing, consider some popular distractions like playing Rainbow Riches casino games. Playing games is enormously beneficial for a variety of reasons, but as a distraction from your busy day, they’re hard to beat.

Leave the Workplace

Whether you’re studying for an exam or you’ve got a mountain of office paperwork to get through, nothing is more invigorating and refreshing than having a physical escape from it. Get up and get outdoors. Just going for a 20-minute walk will help to clear your mind, and you’ll be getting some light exercise as well. It’s easy to underestimate just how beneficial it is just to get outside and breathe some fresh air, but if you want to boost your positivity while improving your productivity, then heading to the great outdoors is something that you should prioritize. Not every break has to entail a nature hike, but even just going to sit on a bench outdoors to eat your lunch can see you returning to work fresher and more focused than ever.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it’s only work that matters and only our productivity that provides value to the world. In a world of carefully curated LinkedIn profiles and motivational posters in the workspace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prioritize our breaks. The fact is that taking a break could be the most productive thing that you do, so start thinking more about planning more breaks in your day. You might be surprised by how much it can change your perspective.


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