SAGSE Latam, February 24th – all you need to know

Event traveling has always been important to the global travel industry often supporting the local tourism sector of smaller cities.

If you are involved in the online gaming industry, you are likely aware of the huge events that software providers and other companies occasionally hold. You are probably also aware of the fact that such events have simply not been feasible since the pandemic kicked off early in 2020. However, we have some good news on that front, for SAGSE (powered by Play ‘N’ Go) will actually be hosting the first event of 2021-  in Argentina. This is a strategic move too since Latin American holds the key to a potentially huge market for online gaming.

This event is scheduled for February 24th, and a number of huge companies have already booked in to attend. It’s going to be a good one, so let’s reveal a few more details now.

How will it actually work?

The event will work a little differently from how such networking events have operated in previous years – largely due to COVID restrictions and ongoing safety measures. In the past, these gaming events, designed to bring everyone together have worked like your typical trade shows, with thousands of attendees often being present. But with the current climate, this isn’t entirely realistic. Instead, companies and attendees can book in for what they are calling ‘living rooms’, where 8 people can still network and enjoy some food and drink.

Of course, if you are to expand a business for online casinos, online sports betting, or even online esports, you need to network with the right companies and individuals. The SAGSE event in Argentina is the absolute perfect place to do so, with face to face interactions being 100% guaranteed.

Key topics to be discussed

As you’ve probably guessed, most of the topics to be discussed here will be shaped around the online gambling industry in Latin America. While no ‘play-by-play’ structure for the topics has been published yet, there are certain topics that we expect to see more than others. The first of these will be the general landscape of online gaming in Latin America. If you follow the news closely, you’ll know that huge developments are underway concerning all forms of online betting in this part of the world – including casinos and sports betting.

To add to that, given the connection with Play ‘N’ Go, we expect that attendees will be exposed to some of the newest games and fresh technology to enhance the industry. This is always important to stay on top of since it’s natural for businesses to want to shine among a sea of competition, and how is this done? By supplying the best of the best, of course.

Another hot topic we believe will be discussed relates to esports in Latin America. Currently, some amazing competitors have come out of Latin America for esports like League of Legends, but the overall scene here isn’t at the top of the market yet. But with changes in betting regulations, increased esports viewing statistics here, and the evident passion for esports – the LATAM region is primed for lift-off. So, it’s no wonder this is likely to be discussed at length at the event.

What else will happen at the event?

Naturally, on top of the networking and discussions, the event needs to be fun for everyone who chooses to attend. While it’s always fun to discuss the future of the industry that your business is involved in, the general scene of the event is what keeps people coming back again and again. On that note, the event on February 24th will host two separate DJ sessions, an open bar, buffet services, and two separate prize draws with some incredible prizes for the ones that get picked.

As you can see, when SAGSE arranges an event – they do it correctly. While this is very exciting, we’ve still got to bear in mind that there will be certain restrictions in place to align with COVID regulations. While there will be a few live DJ sessions, people won’t be able to get up and dance around the venue. And for the open bar and buffet, attendees may need to wait longer than in previous years. Of course, this isn’t what they want to do, but safety is always going to be the number 1 priority.


Not only is Argentina a beautiful part of the world to host such an event, but it is one that could lead to a much better online gaming industry in Latin America – or so we hope!


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