5 steps to get 10000 followers on Instagram in a month

Nothing is impossible on social media these days. People become worldwide sensations overnight. So, if you think about gaining 10k followers in a month then it is not impossible either. But it is really difficult to do so. If you want an instant result you can try to buy Instagram followers. If you think that it is something you want then go for it. But those followers are probably not going to engage with your posts. You want to be able to increase engagement on Instagram. Only celebrities or people who already have a good following outside social media generally gain so many followers quickly. Besides you need to decide on what kind of an online presence you want. Do you just want to become an overnight success whom people slowly forget about or do you want to slowly establish yourself as an influencer on Instagram? Since a lot of people have been asking about it and talking about it we decided to look at some of the five steps that if you follow can help you gain a bunch of followers.

  1. Build A Strategy

The other steps can be considered very specific to trying and blowing up on the internet. But this one is the most important one. Doesn’t matter if you want to get 10k Instagram followers in a month or want to establish a solid presence on the internet you need a good strategy. Gaining 10k followers in a month is no little feat and if you don’t plan ahead with as much detail as possible then it can be quite hard to get it done. Firstly, you need to figure out why you need 10k followers in a month. What is your end goal? Do you want to generate more leads and sell more products? Do you want to become an influencer and do sponsored content? Whatever your goal is you need to be clear about it. Now, once you have that goal set up. You need to be very diligent in planning all the steps that you are going to follow to get more followers. The most important things are the content and the promotion. If your content is not good, no amount of promotion will make you popular. On the other hand little or no promotion will make you grow slowly. So, decide on what type of content that you are going to be uploading on your profile and how you will be promoting it. These are very important things that you need to keep in mind. You need content that will increase engagement on Instagram and help you gain more followers. Then you need to share it, promote it so that it reaches as many eyes as possible.

  1. The Audience

You need to know exactly who you are targeting with your posts. If you don’t know that then you will end up trying a bunch of things that will slow your progress. The trick to quick growth is to identify your niche. Try to go small. Instagram has hundreds of millions of users. You have to focus on the niche that has enough users in it to fulfil your need of gaining 10k followers. Going small gives you the advantage of having lesser competition and more intense followers. Since the niche you are targeting is small it means that your content will definitely reach them and if they like it then will follow you if you are consistent with the quality and the content of your posts. Research your audience. Figure out their age group,  gender, the time that they are online on Instagram etc. This info will help you create specific content for them and post it at a time that they are online to maximize engagement.

  1. The Content

As we said in the previous step, the content is the most important part of your road to success. If the quality or the content of your posts are not good or your posts are boring then people will ignore your posts and you will not get a lot of engagement which is very much required to grow your follower base. Instagram is a visual platform. It was meant for people to upload media. So, the platform is very optimized for images and videos. So, you cannot compromise on the quality of your image or video. They need to be crisp and good. No one likes to look at shaky and grainy media all the time. The next thing that you need to know is that videos will receive more engagement and shares. People generally react well to or engage more with video content that is entertaining or educational i.e. they learn something from it. The best thing about these kinds of videos is that they are sharable. As more people share your content you get more engagement and it will mean that you will show up on the explore page of more people which increases your chances of gaining more followers. Never be boring. Keep uploading entertaining and shareable content.

  1. Collaborate

This is another important step that you need to do. You need to find people to collaborate with. This is quite difficult to do as most people who have more following may not be wanting to collaborate with you if you have nothing to provide them with. So, if you have a special skill like photography, video editing, directing, music production etc. that you can provide them then you have to do it for the collaboration. Do not lose hope and keep hitting people up. It is all about being relentless and keep pursuing people and tell them how you can benefit them as well. Make sure to point out what you will bring to the table more as people generally care about that more.

  1. Engage With Your Audience

The last step is to interact with your audience and enlist their help to grow your profile on Instagram. If you really create quality content that is of value to them then people will try to help you out. Regular comment on your follower’s posts and ask them to tag you. Reply to the comments on your posts and do not hesitate to directly contact your followers and ask them to help get more eyes on you. If you are genuine and honest about your goals and why you think that your profile will create value for a lot of people then your followers will help you. Being selfish and greedy can turn people off. So, be positive, and honest and be in touch with your fans and ask for their support.

So, that was our list. We tried to avoid paid stuff but if you are interested then Instagram advertisement and paying social media marketing agencies can help fast track your growth. You can also try to buy Instagram followers to get some boost. But it will not guarantee engagement. We hope you learned something from this list. Try to work hard in a smart way. Strategize and plan your content. Be patient but relentless as things take time but good quality effort does pay off.


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