Evergreen Content Ideas for More Free YouTube Subscribers

Over the years, YouTube has gathered a large community that is very passionate about video content. In fact, it is estimated that more than 2 billion users log in on the platform every month. Moreover, more than 31 million channels are active on the platform right now. This means that the competition that every young creator faces is fierce.

One of the most basic rules that you need to follow to get free YouTube subscribers is to create a mix of topical and evergreen content. Topical are the videos that refer to current affairs or a specific period, such as Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, evergreen is the content that is always trending and users will always find interest in it. As you may realize, evergreen content can become a steady source of visibility on your channel. In fact, if you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, then you should invest in this type of content.

In this article, you are going to discover the best evergreen content ideas that you can create for your YouTube channel so that you start attracting users immediately.

#1 How-To Guides
One of the most timeless types of content on YouTube, and on the Internet, is the how-to guide. This can be a step-by-step guide, a tutorial, or any type of video that explains how something is done. When you create a video like this, you can be sure that users will search for it, no matter when you have posted it. For this reason, you can even find channels that are dedicated to how-to content as they have understood its potential.

#2 Recipes
Another type of popular evergreen content is a recipe video. Cooking and food are niches that have been very popular on YouTube, and they are still on the rise. For this reason, you can find many YouTubers that create content like this, even when it is not their main niche. For example, you can find lifestyle vloggers share their favorite recipes. This type of content is very versatile and can fit on any channel. For this, it is a great idea to get free YouTube subscribers.

#3 DIY Projects
Another great idea for a video that will always bring you views and traffic is a DIY project. There are many creative people that are searching on YouTube for new projects to try. Therefore, if you are a creative person, you benefit from this specific niche. In fact, DIY projects are ideal for creating both topical and evergreen videos.  If you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, then you need to explore all of these options.

#4 Top 10 Lists
The top 10 lists have been dominating on YouTube and with good reason. Users find them very entertaining, informative, and educational. For this reason, the top 10 lists have become a separate niche, with many channels that specialize in creating this type of content. However, these lists can fit any channel as your options are limitless. Don’t hesitate to find topics that your audience finds interesting and create a top 10 list that will draw their attention. The more entertaining the list, the more views and subscribers you will gain.

#5 Analyzing the History of Something
The next type of content that you need to explore to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube is one that requires some research. This type of video is called “the history of…” and it requires you to compile a list of something relevant to your niche. For example, you can recount the history of pop music, if you have a music channel. On the other hand, you can explain the history of the mini skirt, if you create videos that are related to fashion.

#6 Various Checklists
A checklist is a type of video that is close to the top 10 list. The main difference is that a checklist aims to help viewers complete a task or understand something. For example, a checklist will aim to give advice on relationships in a video explaining how to understand that you have found your soulmate. Another checklist is a list of all the essential things that you need to prepare before moving apartments. No matter the topic you choose, this video will bring you free YouTube subscribers.

#7 Video Essay
The video essay is yet another type of content that requires a lot of research. However, if you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, you need to learn how to create a great video essay. First of all, you need to realize that this type of content requires a script, where you have written your thoughts and ideas in an interesting way. Moreover, you have to find examples that support your arguments and clearly state your sources. Video essays are interesting and many users seek them out.

#8 Animated Stories
This is a niche that has been booming in recent years. There are a lot of channels that post animated stories that are submitted by their subscribers. All of these stories are real, and so, many users find them extremely relatable. This type of content will always bring you a lot of views and subscribers as users are always searching for real stories. However, if you decide to create animated stories, make sure that you invest in great animation and character design.

#9 Analyzing Case Studies
This is a type of content that fits the video essay category. However, it is a little different since it does an in-depth analysis of a specific example. For instance, you can create a video where you analyze a specific movie or a specific brand of clothing. The case study will include an analysis of every relevant information that you have gathered on the topic.

#10 Podcasts
Lastly, podcasts are a great type of content. In recent years, more and more creators are launching podcasts that users can listen to whenever they want. Moreover, the great thing about them is that they are evergreen, which means that they can bring you views even after a long time.

These evergreen content ideas will help your channel grow. Find the ones that fit your niche and start creating content that brings you free YouTube subscribers.


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