The 10 Best Ways to Get YouTube Views in 2021

On the Internet, you will find plenty of courses the teach you how to get views on YouTube. This is such a complicated endeavor that requires the dedication of your time and efforts. However, when your channel reaches the point of getting enough traffic, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable living. Indeed, YouTube has become the platform where a lot of influencers have built a successful career by gaining a lot of subscribers.

Even so, there is no definite answer as to how to get YouTube views. There are many strategies that you can try to reach your intended audience. No matter the case, always remember that every audience has unique characteristics. This means that a strategy might work on one user base, while it is useless for another part of the YouTube community.

In this article, we have gathered the best ways to get YouTube views regardless of your niche and your audience.

#1 Find Your Unique Perspective
The first thing that you need to determine for your YouTube channel is what makes it truly special. If you have an original idea, make it your selling point and the thing that it gets recognized for. This way, your videos will stand out from your competition as they will be unique to your niche. If they are successful, you might even start noticing that other creators are trying to imitate you. Your originality is the best way to get YouTube views with little to no effort.

#2 Create Compelling Custom Thumbnails
The next thing that influences the number of views on any video is the thumbnail that you use. It goes without saying that you should always upload a custom thumbnail for your videos. However, if you want to learn how to get views on YouTube, you have to make the extra effort to create branded thumbnails. This means that the aesthetic of the images you use should be the same, such as the color palette and the fonts. Moreover, keep in mind that the thumbnail should create curiosity in the user that discovers your video.

#3 Write Great Video Descriptions
A video description is very useful in multiple ways. First of all, it offers you enough characters to summarize your video in detail so that you include every secondary keyword you need to boost the SEO. Then, it is a great place to promote the rest of your content by include links to your videos and playlists. Lastly, you should remember that the first 200 characters of your description are the most important ones. When a user sees your video in a search, he will only see these first few characters. Therefore, they should summarize what your video is all about.

#4 Collaborate with Influencers
A great way to get YouTube views is by having an influencer give you a shoutout on their social media or their channel. Influencers and content creators are people that have already gathered a large and loyal fanbase. This means that if they give a shoutout to you, many of their followers will check out your content. In turn, this will lead to an increase in your video views, as well as a potential increase in your subscriber base.

#5 Use Plenty of Calls to Action
If you are researching how to get views on YouTube, you have to learn how to encourage viewers to do what you want them to. This strategy requires that you use plenty of calls to action, both written and oral. For example, you can ask your viewers to subscribe or recommend a video that is relevant to what you are talking about. To make things easier, make sure that you include the video you are recommending in a card. Users will surprise you by actually doing what you asking them to.

#6 Enable the Embedding of Your Videos
This is a common mistake that many content creators don’t bother checking. Some videos can’t be embedded in websites, blogs, and forums, because the creator has neglected to enable it. However, by doing this, the video is losing valuable views that would come from the website’s visitors. Therefore, if you haven’t already, enable the embedding of your videos.

#7 Try Different Playlist Layouts
If you want to get YouTube views, you need to keep the interest of your viewers alive. Playlists are a very effective strategy for spreading views into multiple videos. However, if you a lot of playlists, you might make it difficult for users to pick one. An easy way to make your playlists look more interesting is to place them in different layouts. For example, you can alternate a vertical and a horizontal playlist to make them look distinct.

#8 Create Content Interesting for Your Audience
Every video that you post must be according to your audience’s needs. For this reason, it is important to research what the users you aim like to watch and what type of videos are getting the most views. If you offer them great quality and valuable content, then you are sure to get a lot of video views.

#9 Use Your Community Tab
The community tab is very useful for making your subscribers feel like a part of your loyal fandom. For example, you can post polls where users decide on what your next video should be about, or you can ask for their opinions on specific topics. Moreover, you can use the community tab to build excitement for your upcoming content.

#10 Join Various Facebook Communities
Lastly, you should take advantage of Facebook, which is the largest social media today. This platform has dedicated groups just about anything. Therefore, you should search for the groups in your niche and join them. Become a part of the community there, and once you become a well-known member of the group, start posting your content. You will be surprised by the sudden rise of video views and subscribers.

This is the year when you can make it bin on the platform. Follow these strategies to make your channel succeed!


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