How Can you Play Online Poker with Friends?

Playing poker with friends has always been a great way to spend time together. You could play Texas Hold’em or Omaha at best online casino australia, use real money or play for free. When it’s about friendship, every poker game feels enjoyable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy poker cards anymore, at least not in this age of online poker. Setting up online poker games is easy, convenient and safe. Here’s how to do it right at best high roller online casino.

Choose a Poker Website

The Internet is jam-packed with poker websites. But they don’t all operate the same. Choose the right platform by checking games, tournaments, betting limits, bonuses and payment methods. Also, read reviews to find the most recommended sites.

In case you’re wondering, PartyPoker is one of the best online poker platforms for friends. It features cash games, Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card draw and 5-Card Draw. When it comes to tournaments for friend, you can choose Sit and Go, cash games, private tournaments on Sundays.

With that in mind, PartyPoker is a real money casino. If you want to play Texas Hold’em for fun, consider finding a free to play poker app or website. You’ll still have loads of fun. The only drawback is that you can’t win real cash.

Choose a Game Type

The average poker website has over a dozen poker games. Yet, most people only play Texas Hold’em. There’s a perfect reason—Hold’em is the most famous poker game in the world. It’s popular in the movies, at the casinos, with celebrities and professionals.

Texas Hold’em is incredibly easy to learn and can be highly rewarding once you understand it. Being a game of skill, Texas Hold’em qualifies as a great game to play with friends. No one has to cry foul about being unlucky.

If you want an alternative, however, choose 7-Card Stud, Card Draw or Omaha. Many casinos also feature Razz, HORSE, and Pineapple. But there are only too many games you can play in a night out with friends.

Tip: choose an easy to learn game for everyone. In most cases, Texas Hold’em is the best choice. But as mentioned, also try out different variants of the game.

Tournaments vs Cash Games

There are two popular types of online poker: tournaments or cash games. To participate in a tournament, you need a buy-in amount. And if you deplete this money, you’re eliminated. On the up side, tournaments attract potentially huge payouts.

By comparison, cash games allow you to get back into a game even after you finish up your money. Cash games can have any buy-in amount you agree with friends. But since people can get in and out easily, not everyone takes them seriously.

So, how should you play poker with your friends? If it’s the first time, start by playing a cash game. Then after everyone understands how it works, consider competing in a tournament.

Decide on Bankrolls and Limits

If you play poker regularly, you probably know the game’s is most enjoyable when played for real money. If you have to play it for free, only do it to learn how it works and to perfect your skills. Otherwise, figure out with your friends how much you want to spend.

Poker has games with fixed limits and no limits. Still, to be clear, you want to create a budget for everyone. This helps make games fair and also protects your friends from overspending.

Online poker games are often affordable. With a minimum deposit of $10 and tournaments that start at $5, no one has to spend more than they can afford at poker. That said, the amount you spend depends on many factors.

For example, some Sit & Go tournaments have buy-ins that start at $50. That means you would need $200 for your group of five friends to participate. Of course, you can always settle for cash games with minimum limits. This way, you can play poker for longer.

Play Poker Through Video

The best poker websites have software that accommodates real-time gaming through video. Some websites work through video applications like Zoom. You get applications to invite all your friends so that you can see one another and interact.

On the flip side, some casinos don’t involve third-party applications. They have software custom-made for live poker tournaments through web cameras. In light of that information, your only requirement is to have high-speed Internet and a quality web camera.

Video-based live poker games are great for playing with friends. You can view one another and trade jokes in real time. They also increase competition now that you can see what your friends are doing.

When finding live-poker games, pick sites with reliable software. You don’t want to experience lagging and regular disruptions. Also, you want to find games quickly and navigate through a casino site conveniently.

Claim Bonuses

Because of stiff competition, some poker websites persuade you to join their websites by giving you bonuses. This is money you can use to play a variety of poker games. And if you win, you also get paid.

Unfortunately, these bonuses have terms and conditions. And sometimes, the terms can be so demanding that the bonus isn’t worth it. In light of that information, take time to choose a poker bonus with friendly terms and conditions.

For starters, it should be easy to claim, say by registering an account or depositing a minimum amount. It should also let you play popular games and tournaments. On the other hand, a good bonus allows you to withdraw a decent amount of your winnings.

Some casinos have regular bonuses. If you plan to play online poker with your friends regularly, consider joining one of these sites. You can even get rake backs for every dollar spent at the sites.

Your Turn

Playing online poker is every bit as entertaining as taking a trip to Las Vegas. All you need is to choose the right platform and set a budget for your friends. Then choose a game type and the ideal tournament for your friends. To save on money, consider claiming a bonus with friendly conditions.


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