5 under-rated US States to visit

The United States of America has always been a popular tourist destination for the entire globe’s population, as the country is incredibly diverse and extremely different from state to state.

For instance, whilst California might be one of the most glamorous states available to visit in the country in regards to the beaches and the continued great weather that they appear to continually get, just next door in Nevada, the environment could not be any different as there are plenty of deserts and wastelands that are situated throughout the region.

Despite the fact that Nevada is incredibly popular with visitors from all over the world, including the US, because of Las Vegas, there are many that continue to flock elsewhere for iGaming these days, as, for instance, Colorado has an amazing casino scene, with 3 major gambling towns of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek and Central City all attractive destinations.

However, each of the US states briefly mentioned could be considered to be popular states for tourists. The five listed below, though, are perhaps under-rated and should receive more tourism, as they have plenty to offer those that actually go there and visit.


Perhaps one of the most under-rated US states that there is, Alaska is one that would provide those who visit it with some truly rewarding moments and a high level of satisfaction for making the trip to places like Anchorage.

Indeed, there are plenty of different ways to get about, including by dog sledge, which is something that can not be experienced in any other US state, whilst there is a huge area that is just waiting to be explored. Furthermore, those that are wanting to experience the Northern Lights would not have a better viewpoint than if they were to travel to Alaska for it.

Oh, and do not forget the arctic wildlife such as polar bears that can be seen when visiting the zoo Alaska has to offer!


Despite being located on the east coast and having a coastline that features some truly nice beaches, not many decide to visit them because they are looking to take advantage of the tax-free shopping that can be done within the state.

Located just southwest of New Jersey and Philadelphia, Delaware is seriously under-rated as a top state to visit when it really should not be. There is plenty to do within the state borders, especially for those that like to get a real taste of American history, with the Civil War-era certainly being felt via the use of cobblestone streets.


Lovers of national parks will love what Wyoming has to offer, which is why it is incredibly surprising that the state does not get the attention that it deserves from visitors. The home of Yellowstone national park (along with two other states), the northern state has plenty to offer, including a ski resort that will test anyone who tries it, whilst a number of festivals regularly take place to provide the party element the state is able to provide.


Many will make an argument that the state of Utah will provide visitors with the best landscapes and scenery within the United States of America, but that does not stop it from being incredibly underrated by tourists.

There are a number of ways in which the environment can be explored, with scenic road routes available, as well as hikes and canyon journeys that are all available to partake in. Furthermore, winter sports lovers will be able to experience world-class ski facilities in Park City and Salt Lake City; if the towns have been good enough for the Winter Olympic Games, they are good enough for tourists.

Rhode Island

Perhaps due to its close proximity with the state of Massachusetts and the city of Boston close by, Rhode Island is another US state that is criminally underrated by many tourists when it really should not be.

The state is the smallest of the states located in America, however that does not stop it from offering visitors with 400 miles of coastline that is lined with beaches that are good enough to sunbathe and relax on when the weather allows for it to happen in the summer months.

In addition, there is plenty of culture available within the region, with plenty of New England history available to see, as well as plenty of celebrations and events continuing to take place all year round.


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