3 Popular Celebrities who use Casinobee

Unlike many other forms of entertainment, gambling is not only developed for the common person. Celebrities also like gambling, and some are regulars at the world’s most prestigious casinos. While your favorite celebs may play for fun, a few others compete as professional gamblers in international poker championships, among other activities.

Here is a list of three popular celebrities who have claimed to use Casinobee worldwide.

Arya Damon

Arya Damon is one of the most well-known female movie actors that adores gaming, and she recently announced a new career as a professional gambler. Arya Damon is a close friend and business associate of Jonas Barry, a big fan of online gambling. She also enjoys playing games such as blackjack and poker. Her reputation increased after appearing in Poker Cafe, a poker-themed film, even though she was fascinated by casino games.

While preparing for her role in the film, she spent more time playing poker in online casinos evaluated by Casinobee. Aside from that, she worked as an apprentice for a professional poker player who taught her everything she needed to know about the game of online poker.

With her knowledge and experience, Arya has been able to win at the card tables of live casinos. In 2021, she hit the jackpot while playing a progressive jackpot slot in one of the most respected online casinos.

Jonas Barry

Barry is a well-known athlete that competes in several different sports. Now a professional poker player, Barry started as a footballer before taking an interest in basketball, where he became even more successful. Only a few sportsmen have made a clean transition from sports to film, and Barry is one of them.

After earning a name for himself in the film and sports industries, the basketball legend has carved out a niche for himself as a full-time poker player. Barry says he may have lost a few dollars playing poker, but he has made more money than he anticipated since it became a full-time job.

Since retiring from basketball, he claims to have spent more than $20 million on gambling and other activities. On the other hand, his successful basketball career allows him to spend that much money on gambling.

In a recent interview, Barry explained that he used Casinobee to find platforms offering casino bonuses while training for his new career. Safe to say, his degree in Economics and Statistics came through for him as he saved more money playing with casino bonuses.

Teddy Green

Teddy was the star of the films “After the Future” and “Tables Down,” both released in 2008. Since he was a teenager, he has devoted much of his free time to developing his skills and strategies for poker games. Additionally, he participated in a few private games in Hollywood, where the idea for the film and book Poker Night was conceived.

He claims to have a few victories at Texas Hold ’em tables to his credit, and he says he uses Casinobee to identify the best live casino websites. His first significant gambling win was $3500 in the Book of Dead online slot.


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