7 Worst Mistakes While Wearing Jeans in Winter

Fashion is not a sphere with lots of rules and strategies to follow. It’s not like when you need to understand your tactics before placing a bet Canada and can lose everything because you haven’t analized all your moves beforehand. Here you can combine any clothes and create fantastic outfits, which will surprise fashion gurus. However, there are still some mistakes you can make. These 7 ones can affect not only the way you look but also the way you feel during Winter.  

Skinny Jeans and High-heeled Booties

Skinny jeans with tight high-heeled booties are not the best choice in this season. This combination will transport you to the noughties. Not only is it uncomfortable to walk in such an outfit, it looks unaesthetic. The narrow cut of jeans emphasizes the volume in the lower part of the body, tight shoes visually fattens calves and shortens legs, and predatory heels make a shaky and clumsy gait. 

Bare Ankles

If you wear cropped jeans in the winter, don’t let the gap between the edge of your pant leg and your shoes remain open. The easiest way to avoid this is to tuck your pants into your shoes. You can tuck both narrow and wide pant legs, as long as the cuffs are loose and don’t cramp the leg. The second option is to choose high boots to jeans, or boots, the leg of which will be gone for trousers. And the easiest way is to play with outfits with high socks in different colors. By the way, they cannot only warm the legs but also become a bright accent image.

Slim Skinny Socks

Thin elastic skinny jeans fit tightly to the body, which impairs heat exchange. This cannot only harm your health but also affect the quality of your skin, including you risk getting cellulite. Against the background of bulky outerwear skinny legs seem disproportionately thin, creating the most unaesthetic effect you can imagine. In addition, they are inappropriate in winter. 

Ripped Jeans

Do not wear ripped jeans during the cold season. The red from the cold knees, peeking through the holes in the pants, does not add you cool, but causes others a sense of pity and a desire to hurry you something to cover. If you want to seem fashionable, make a bet on the actual cut and fit, but not on the questionable for the current season decor. 

The Wrong Fit

Choosing jeans with a low fit not only risks giving you a cold back, but it can also rob you of inches of height. Low-fit jeans combined with a short down jacket make your torso look long and your legs look short. To avoid that unwanted effect, choose jeans that fit at the waist.

Crease at the Junction With Your Shoes

Another important point is the length and width of the pants. For jeans to match your shoes perfectly, the pant leg should either be long and wide enough to cover your shoes, or wide enough to tuck them in.

Long narrow trousers will gather in an accordion at the junction with the shoes. Such folds not only add slovenliness to the image but also flatten your ankles, which will make your legs look more massive. 

Lots of Decor

Fancy accessories visually weigh down the already bulky winter look, in addition, the abundance of elements looks cheap and adds a touch of the 2000s to the outfit. The worst thing is when all this decor starts to fall off and peel off – the thing instantly loses its marketable appearance and starts to look worn out.


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