Finding the top New Zealand slots site

Due to stricter gambling legislation in New Zealand land-based casinos and places to enjoy slots are few and far between. In fact, there are only 6 in the whole country. Therefore New Zealand based players, if they want to have a go at playing free slot games, must head online.

What are slot sites?

In our books, any site where you can play online slot games is considered a slots site! However, the best slots sites are the ones that have a large amount of different options such as classic 3 reel slots, progressive jackpot games and mobile slots. They’ll also have themed slot games ranging from sports themed to popular destinations and blockbuster movies and TV shows.

Hot tips for finding the top slot sites for you

Although laws prohibit online casinos from being based in New Zealand it does no however restrict the use of online slot casinos located overseas. Therefore, residents of New Zealand have the same access to slots sites as other players from across the globe. Here are some hot tips when finding the top slots sites:

  • Have a good understanding of the types of slots you enjoy the most and check to see if they are available
  • The top slot sites will also have a wider selection of games so you can experiment and broaden your gaming repertoire
  • Check to see if the bonuses that the site is offering are good for you. Bonuses can increase your chance of winning the big bucks if used wisely
  • Check that the slots site accepts New Zealand Dollars as a currency so there’s no need to worry about loosing out over exchange rates

Other things to look out for

It is worth noting that due the fact that slot sites are based abroad, the New Zealand government are not able to regulate them and therefore there are no protections in place to protect players.

However, do not let this put you off, the top New Zealand slots sites are all safe to play. If you are unsure if the slot site you have found is legitimate, just check the following:

1)  Ensure that the slots site holds gambling licences to operate in other countries that are regulated. This information can usually be found at the bottom of the site.

2)  Look for security measures and data protection information

3)  Similarly check their payment security

4)  Most legitimate slots sites will offer demo slots before asking you to sign up, fake ones will ask for you details right off the bat

5)  Finally, good customer support is a good indicator that the site operates at a high standard

Final thoughts on finding the top New Zealand slot sites

The amount of fun there is to be had while playing on online slot sites is endless. With huge diversity in the slots themselves, bonus offers and other games there’s a slots site out there for everyone. By following the tips here in this article you’ll be able to find the one for you in no time.


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