WHO said that CBD has proved to have beneficial effects

CBD (or cannabidiol) is, after THC (or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the best-known compounds of the “cannabis Sativa L.” plant, also called hemp or marijuana. Some plants will have a higher or lower THC or CBD level, even undetectable, depending on the crosses. 

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives the “high” effect. Considered a narcotic, it is prohibited in almost all European Countries. On the other hand, CBD is authorized and, in recent years, we have seen more and more shops that have a storefront or on the internet, selling various CBD-based products. 

But is it completely legal? What’s the point of CBD and how can you buy it?

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CBD is now everywhere!

The use of CBD regularly raises questions and controversies. However, CBD is not classified as a “drug”, according to the World Health Organization, and its sale on the market is entirely legal (as long as its rate does not exceed not 0.2% THC). 

What does the WHO say about CBD?

Already in 2017, the WHO officially announced that CBD, no longer considered a drug, should be removed from the international list of narcotics. Numerous studies on CBD demonstrated that the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids should be reconsidered. The UN followed this point of view in December 2020 by the UN, thus recognizing the benefits of hemp in medicine.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has many benefits and can be used to relieve various diseases and their symptoms. This is why the experts from JustBob advise you to choose carefully your CBD products and to favour qualified retailers.

Among the many benefits of CBD are natural anti-inflammatory effects. It is also one of the reasons why CBD is today an excellent dietary supplement for athletes, who find it a source of relief for their muscle and joint pain.

CBD is also very effective as a painkiller to relieve pain in the short term. Indeed, the cannabidiol molecule has several natural virtues against all forms of pain. 

One of the best-known qualities of CBD is the relief of emotional stress and anxiety. 

Therefore, taking CBD can promote rest and relaxation, helping people subject to chronic stress and anxious conditions.

CBD in Europe

Lately, cannabis based exclusively on CBD, the so-called “cannabis light”, is the subject of political debate in Europe, especially in Italy. It has never been a controversial issue, but it is attracting even more public attention.

In such an effervescent landscape, it isn’t easy to understand what the law actually prescribes on the matter.

Are the many Cannabis light trading activities legal or not? Can anyone who buys CBD online on Justbob or other shops in the hemp sector sleep peacefully?

And what is happening in this regard in the other countries of the European Union? We will try to answer these questions by analyzing the latest developments in Europe and reconstructing the main points of the legislation on light hemp.

Is CBD (cannabidiol) legal in Europe?

On the territory of the European Union, hemp products with CBD (cannabidiol) are legal to buy and sell if the THC level is less than 0.2%. And this goes for all forms of cannabis: 

flowers/weed, resin/hashish, oil, cosmetics, capsules, food, drink etc. Indeed, the THC molecule (tetrahydrocannabinol) is psychoactive, unlike CBD, which does not “high” but offers a relaxing effect, relaxation, and well-being, without altering cognitive functions.

Uses and dosages of CBD products

Unfortunately, the lack of scientific data on the effects of CBD goes hand in hand with gaps in dosages and frequency of use according to the expected benefits.

The consumer is not really well informed about what to buy and how to use the chosen product.

Indeed, there are many products with various levels of CBD available: massage oils, capsules, herbal teas, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, flowers, resins, cosmetics, etc… But, according to their expectations, it is not easy to choose or know what CBD dosage will be effective for each person.

How to choose a quality CBD?

It is essential to choose your CBD products carefully and check whether they comply with the regulations in force on the European market (less than 0.2% THC). If you respect these rules, CBD-based products do not present any risks to health.

In order to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of CBD, it is essential to know the composition of the product, its origin and its CBD level. 

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Only with the best CBD products will you be able to enjoy the full potential and benefits of cannabidiol.


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