Sanmarine selection: skincare products by skin type

We all want to have healthy and beautiful skin. For best results, the products must be selected correctly. Otherwise, they will not produce the desired effect. But what is needed for this? We answer – you need to know your skin type.

Determining skin type.

There is an easy way to determine what type of skin you have. To do this, you only need a paper napkin: 

  1. We wash our face but don’t use care products. 
  2. We are waiting for 3-4 hours. 
  3. We take a dry paper towel and wipe your face thoroughly, trying to cover all areas. From the result obtained on the napkin, you need to conclude: 
  • Dry skin – the tissue remains dry, without traces or greasy stains. 
  • Normal skin – barely noticeable fat spots appeared on the napkin. 
  • Oily skin – after a short testing time, the wipe is heavily saturated with fat. 
  • Combination skin – if the napkin shows excessive fat secretion in the t-shaped zone. 

Another type of sensitive skin can be sensitive. This type reacts with redness even to a minor irritant. Also, with age, skin type can change depending on hormonal levels, climatic conditions, or lifestyle.

Normal skin 

Such skin needs creams without an aggressive effect on the epidermis. It is necessary to cleanse with foam, milk, or gel. We recommend our bestseller – DEEP CLEANSER GEL. Then remove the remnants of cosmetics with a tonic and complete the procedure with a moisturizer. In this matter, we offer WHITE OYSTER CREAM. In addition to moisturizing the skin, it also rejuvenates it.

Dry skin 

Dry skin is prone to redness, peeling, and inflammation. Therefore it requires enhanced nutrition and hydration. 

  • It is necessary to cleanse the skin with foams, milk, or gels, which delicately remove cosmetics and at the same time soften. 
  • For day cream, it’s preferable to use products with a lightweight structure. 
  • Night cream should contain natural oils for enhanced nutrition during sleep.

We have developed the SKIN FOOD line, especially for dry skin.

Oily skin

Oily skin has large pores that are often clogged, causing acne and inflammation. This skin is less prone to wrinkles, but only care will help this type look beautiful. You should:

  • Use creams with a lightweight or gel structure.
  • Use for additional cleansing tonics and lotions with a matting effect.
  • Using masks for oily skin.

OILY SKIN line is already waiting for you!

Combination skin

The most common skin type. Caring for such skin is quite tricky, but you can do it with the help of our tools.

  • To cleanse and tone the skin, use – FRESHNESS TONER.
  • Gently wipe the areas with increased sebaceous glands with a tonic for oily skin – PURIFYING TONER.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin type can be attributed to any main ones, but with an increased tendency to external stimuli. With proper care, you can forget about the problems with this type of skin.

On our website, you can find a whole line of products that will help you comprehensively care for sensitive skin.

Whatever skin type you have, always carry out mandatory cleansing, toning, and moisturizing procedures. Beautiful and well-groomed skin speaks of love for yourself!


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