How to Remain Safe While Playing Slingo Bingo


Slingo Bingo is the best of two of the nation’s favourite games. It combines slot games and bingo to make one master game that everyone can enjoy. 

Slingo Bingo is one of the best games to play on popular sites such as Rainbow Riches Casino. But how do you make sure that you’re playing Slingo Bingo safely? We’ve got the lowdown on how to make sure you enjoy responsible gaming online. 

How to play Slingo Bingo safely

  • Set yourself a spending limit

It’s always easy to get carried away when you’re playing a brand new game such as Slingo Bingo. It can be particularly difficult to reel yourself in if it’s the first time you’re playing and are enjoying the brand new delights of the game.

But to make sure you’re having the best time, putting a spending cap on your gaming session is imperative. There’s nothing worse than taking a look at your bank balance and realising you’ve gotten a bit carried away.

It takes the fun away from the game itself which is the opposite of what online gaming is about. So, to make sure you’re having the best time possible, put a spending limit on your gaming time so you don’t go overboard. 

  • Ensure you’re taking regular breaks

Having a breather in between games makes sure that you’re making all the right decisions. Stepping away from the screen to grab a drink or a snack can snap you back into reality and ensure that you’re making responsible gaming decisions. 

Why not give yourself a break every couple of rounds to make sure you’re still having a good time. Regulating your gaming time makes it a lot more enjoyable. 

  • Give yourself a time limit

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re involved in any form of entertainment. Think about the number of times you’ve started watching a series in broad daylight, only to turn around and realise that you’re now in pitch black darkness.

Well, the same can be said for gaming too. It’s so easy to get carried away in a game and not realise how much time has passed but this can become detrimental. The best way you can ensure that you’re having fun and not playing the day away is to set a time limit.

You can do this any way you like. If you’re playing on the app, you can set a daily time limit for that app. It will give you a notification when you have reached the time limit that you’ve set on it so that you know when you’re about to go over.

If you’re playing on your laptop or any other device without an app limit notification, why not set a timer on your phone to make sure you stop in time. 

Setting a time limit on your app means that you still get to enjoy the game you’re playing without spending the entire day on it. 

  • If you’re unsure, step away

If there are alarm bells going off in your head, it’s always best to listen to them. The last thing you want to do when playing Slingo Bingo is to regret a decision you’ve made. This is especially true when it comes to playing another game if you’re on a losing streak.

The main goal of playing at an online casino is to have fun. So if you’re starting to not have a good time or you feel like this could be on the turn, it’s time to pack it in. 

Even if you’re on the fence about a decision during a game, taking a five minute break to reassess isn’t going to hurt you. Step away from the game for a minute or two, get yourself a glass of water and you can come back to the game with a clear head.

It’s always better to take some extra time to make a decision than to regret it later on. 

  • Don’t play under the influence 

Some might think that alcohol and gaming go hand in hand. Both can be seen as a form of entertainment and can help you relax at the end of a long day or week at the office.

However, doing both simultaneously can be a recipe for disaster. Alcohol can help lower our inhibitions – this is great if you’re trying to give yourself a confidence boost before a karaoke night but it’s not so great if you’re trying to make some financial decisions.

We’ve all checked our bank balance after a night out and we’ve been a little too generous so let’s make sure the same thing doesn’t happen after a night of playing at an online casino. It’s always best to keep a clear head so you can make responsible decisions. 

Playing Slingo Bingo is all about fun so make sure you’re following this guide next time you play. 


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