Kristen Stewart Reveals Supernatural Experience While Filming Movie

However, Kristen Stewart was certain she was awake. (Photo:Twitter)
However, Kristen Stewart was certain she was awake. (Photo:Twitter)

Actress Kristen Stewart shared a truly scary experience while filming a horror movie. At the time, aged 15, while working on a project in Regina, Canada, which appears to refer to the 2007 film “The Messengers”, Stewart and her mother were staying in an old hotel.

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Inexplicable events began to occur when a water bottle mysteriously fell, and his cat Max was sleeping, ruling out the possibility that he caused the incident.

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The situation became even more terrifying when Kristen felt something pulling her legs down while her knees were raised. When she tried to report what happened, many doubted her sanity, suggesting that she might have been asleep at the time.

However, Kristen Stewart was certain she was awake. She reported seeing a frightening figure next to her bed: a woman in colonial dress, with curlers in her hair, who was slowly approaching. The apparition was as tall as the curtains, and Kristen was paralyzed, unable to make any sound for a significant period of time. Even in the face of disbelief from others, including her family, the actress continued to claim that she had, in fact, seen a ghost, and nothing could shake her conviction.


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