Prince William and Kate Middleton had a fight with Charles over their son

"I heard William and Kate were worried about whether this would be too much for him." (Photo:Twitter)

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton had a falling out with King Charles III over the couple’s eldest son. Tom Quinn, an expert on the British Royal Family, shared with the Daily Express newspaper that the divergence between William, Kate and Charles was related to the different perspectives on the role of Prince George (10 years old) in the rituals of British royalty.

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According to Quinn, a source linked to the monarchy revealed that King Charles III had more ambitious plans for his grandson during his coronation, which displeased the child’s parents. The coronation of King Charles III took place last May. The royal expert was informed by his contact that the monarch planned to involve his grandson more in the ceremony.

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“I have received information through my contacts that there has been discussion about George’s more formal involvement in the coronation,” Tom Quinn reported. “I heard William and Kate were worried about whether this would be too much for him.” He explained that this is similar to the way William and Harry were sometimes required to attend formal events that they were perhaps not supposed to attend – the most striking example being their mother’s funeral and following the coffin, given their age at the time ( in 1997).

Quinn clarified the concerns of the prince and his wife regarding their son’s participation. According to him, William and Middleton managed to limit George’s exposure during the coronation, allowing him to participate in the event in a more restrained way.


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