Addictive Activities and Rehab


    What do you do for fun? Do you go have a few drinks with your friends to chat the evening away, or are you more of a fan of slots online who prefers taking it slow as you kill time? Whichever activity you choose to engage in so that you can blow off steam, whether its partying, taking spins on fun-packed online slot games like the Spinata Grande slot, playing video games, browsing the internet just to discover random things, or even shopping to reward yourself for your hard work, moderation is key.

    Why is that? Well, because too much of anything is poisonous. All the fun activities that you enjoy doing could easily go out of control if you aren’t mindful of how you engage in them. Like substance abuse, activities that you enjoy for fun could also lead to behavioural addictions. In that case, should you ever feel like you are overindulging in anything, the best course of action is to seek professional help so that you can get your life back on track.

    Life After Rehab

    After undergoing rehabilitation, it could become difficult for you to fully adjust to a world where you are no longer engaging in activities that you used to undertake compulsively. For some people, it feels like their lives have stalled because they are supposed to completely avoid something that they used to enjoy, such as playing video games.

    Quite often, a recovering addict suffers from boredom, which then leads to aggravation, and if it escalates to depression, this ultimately leads to relapse since it usually feels like going back to old habits is the only way to stay sane. It’s ironic, but that is often how relapsed addicts see it.

    If you are a recovering addict, you must seek creative inspiration elsewhere rather than just diversions so that you can prevent a relapse. Here are some enjoyable and creative activities that you can practice to keep yourself occupied in and out of recovery. Likewise, if you feel like your fun pastime is turning into addictive behaviour, then you can also instead switch to the activities that we are going to discuss to kill the addiction altogether.

    1. Learn Music

    Music instruments don’t just comprise keyboards, pianos, trumpets, guitars and drums. There are over 2,000 musical instruments that you can choose from different parts of the globe, and they come in different shapes, sizes, material and sound. While it’s true some are not easy to learn, there are plenty of instruments like kalimba that are easy to learn playing on your own as long as you keep practising.

    The more you learn playing the instrument, the more skilled you’ll become. As a result, your confidence levels will be boosted, and this will help you grow out of your former addiction. Moreover, listening to good music has also been clinically proven to provide those undergoing addiction treatments with emotional support.

    1. Do Cooking

    With the thousands of food recipes available online, it’s not too difficult to find something that you may be interested in cooking. The options range from cookies and cakes to remarkable dishes from different parts of the globe. And if you like, you can even take things a notch higher and try your own unique recipes after doing a bit of research. This way, you’ll get excited about trying new things as you continue learning about different cultures from these recipes. Better yet, cooking is also therapeutic, and it can help you practice mindfulness as it usually takes all your focus and attention as you try to get the details of the recipe right.

    1. Express Yourself

    One of the best ways of self-expression is through art. There are many different types of art, which include drawing, painting, sculpturing, modelling, wood carving and so much more. With art, you have the freedom to think outside the box and bring your concepts to life whichever way you see fit.

    Of all forms of art, painting is one of the most therapeutic activities and is often employed as a way of treatment for addicts at rehabilitation centres. So, painting is a good place to start if art is the direction you want to take to keep yourself occupied. And in case you are wondering, you don’t have to paint on expensive gallery grade canvas. Here, the world is your canvas, you could paint on stones, tiles, wood or anything that paint can stick on!

    The same is also the case for the paint itself, you don’t have to buy expensive paints. Instead, you can do some research around where you live to try to find out the types of natural dyes available and create your own paint.

    1. Classes Would Do

    For most of us, anytime the word ‘class’ comes up reminds us of studying things we found less interesting at school and, even worse, having to deal with the examinations of the subjects in question. Well, classes don’t have to be about something you hate. There are thousands of subjects you can learn for fun, depending on what you find interesting, and it doesn’t have to be something traditional. For instance, you could go for classes such as dancing, survival and sailing, among others. The odds are if you’d love to learn something, you can always find a class about it online or attend the classes in person.

    There you have it, some of the common but fun activities you can perform all through your addiction recovery to keep yourself occupied as you gain more knowledge. These activities not only have therapeutic value, but they can also open doors of career opportunity along the way on top of the satisfaction of kicking your addiction to the curb!


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