Travelling to Brazil from The UK


    The land of Samba is without a doubt the Gem of South America and a dream destination for adventurous travellers. From the white sand beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the glorious view of natural terrain, exciting nightlife complemented by carnivals, the amazing culture and beautiful weather, Brazil is indeed a destination worth visiting time and again.

    If you are worried that travelling to Brazil may have changed since the pandemic started, well, your instincts are right. For starters, it is smart to do a background check of a destination before travelling especially in the post Corona period. You will have less to worry about after reading this guide.

    To ensure a seamless trip to South America, it is important to make a few considerations:

    Entry Requirements

    Currently, entering Brazil for any purpose other than the essential business comes with increased regulations. The authorities have temporarily banned incoming flights from the UK and put several land and sea regulations that do not assure entry. Such regulations are however easing as the pandemic clears off.

    If travelling for business. You can pre-book online with the British Diplomatic Mission, who might provide entry. However, if you are on vacation, consider taking scheduled indirect flights through mainland Europe.

    As a covid19 precautionary measure, Brazilian authorities require testing of all passengers. You must provide negative testing results to the airlines taken not more than three days before the takeoff date. Keep in mind that you might be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

    Managing your Finances

    Upon landing, you have to ensure that you have your finances organised to deal with any unprecedented issues. Go to a bank or the Bureau De Exchange, where converting Pounds or Euros to the Brazil Real is easiest.

    It is smart to transact in the local currency not to get overcharged but do not tour the land with large cash amounts. You have the option to use your credit card in several outlets. Therefore, keep some money on the card too to be on the safe side. The country has a good network of ATMs in almost all cities and towns. However, watch out for ATM frauds.

    The most accepted credit cards include Visa, Diners, and the American Express. Avoid travellers’ cheques whenever possible. If you have to use them, make sure they are in US dollars, which is readily accepted in the region. Always have some loose cash, as acquiring change is a hustle in the cities.


    Hotels are the best option for foreigners who are unfamiliar with the environment. They are safe and available at different budgets.

    Pousadas are smaller-sized hotels with a considerable level of luxury. They are a viable option if you match the price.

    If you prefer more budget-friendly options, go to the motels but understand the risks involved. Motels are mostly rented by locals and are prone to levels of insecurity depending on the location. Also, brace for a different neighbour each hour.

    If you come across Pensoes, they are more recommendable than motels. They are family-owned hostels with better security than motels. If you are lucky, you might land yourself a well-maintained room outside town.

    At all costs, avoid the dormitories. Rent one, and you might regret it as soon as you enter. For extended vacations, you can look up the best resorts and take advantage of accommodation and tour packages.

    Safety Considerations

    Just like any other place, exploring the desolate streets of Brazil is a sure way of risking it all. Even in daylight hours, keep everything in your bag and be mindful of pickpockets in crowded spaces.

    Talk to some residents and take their advice seriously. City beaches are no playground for a typical tourist at night. Take care, especially in Copacabana Beach, Santa Teresa area, Lapa area, and Ipanema Beach.

    Be mindful of the ATMs you use. Credit card theft is common in cities. In case you find yourself in trouble, do not resist or try to outsmart thugs. With that said, Brazil is quite safe and welcoming to tourists, complications only arise when visitors become reckless.

    Send Baggage Earlier

    Have you tried a luggage-free flight before? Traveling light is the most ideal way to make a long distance trip and today there are several international luggage services available. These private shipping companies not only offer better rates than airlines but also allow you to send your bags before your flight and deliver them to the exact point of destination without being lost or delayed.

    Traversing the globe knowing that your baggage has arrived at your destination in good condition is simply liberating as it lets you enjoy every minute of your trip. Besides, the process is far easier than checking luggage through airlines as such services are booked online and the shipping company picks up everything at your doorstep.

    You only need to access the site and fill a quick measurements form to get a quote. You may then proceed to schedule a pick-up date. The provider shall pick the items from your current location and deliver them to Brazil expeditiously! You can also track the delivery through their online sites or mobile apps.

    Parting Shot

    It’s never a dull day in Brazil! However, do not be taken away by fun to the point you forget to put on a mask or adhere to covid19 regulations. Offending the rules could lead to fines. Finally, UK authorities shall require you to present your travel and contact details on your way back.



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