5 Reasons Why Instagram is Best for New Brands in Market


    Instagram has risen to prominence as one of the most significant social media platforms for marketers.

    When the photo sharing platform was released in 2010, no one could have predicted that the site will have more than 700 million active monthly users in just 6 years. The photo and video sharing application’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last 2 years, with user numbers more than double.

    Instagram is so popular as a marketing tool that over 8 million registered companies now have a page.

    In this article, you will learn how to get more Instagram followers and to increase engagement on Instagram. Read the sections thoroughly to learn better.

    5 Reasons Why Instagram is Best for Marketing

    If you are a marketing professional in today’s intensely competitive business world, you would recognise that growing a following on Instagram must be a top priority for any company, large or small. Regardless of how successful your business is, you have a lot of work ahead of you when you develop your brand on a market that is constantly evolving.

    Here are five tips that will help you to increase engagement on Instagram.

    1. Boosting brand visibility

    With 700 million + Instagram users with over 1 billion images posted daily, the brand will benefit tremendously from this publicity. Marketing is all about exposure, because if the company isn’t being noticed by the right people, you’re not doing it.

    You will quickly increase the number of company mentions and make more people appreciate your brand by sharing helpful innovative material.

    Many smaller brands have upended the industry pecking order by using Instagram to market their brands and outperform the reach of larger, more developed corporations.

    2. Better engagement

    The opportunity to communicate with consumers is the strength of any marketing tool today. You could start a costly ad plan, but without high standards of commitment, you can guarantee you won’t achieve your company goals, and the ROI won’t replace it.

    As per a Forrester Research poll, Instagram is the leader of social engagement. Instagram has 58 times the engagement each follower of Facebook and 150 times the engagement each follower of Twitter.

    3. Visual marketing

    You’re spoiled for options when it comes to publicity and promotional tactics. Nevertheless, visual content is one of most powerful mediums, and if the company is just relying on words, it is missing out big time.

    They say an image is worth a 1000 words, which is why Instagram has become such a successful marketing platform.

    By making it easy for your target customers to share your material, you can quickly place your brand ahead of the competition. Photos and videos account for the majority of internet traffic, and Instagram is a common forum for sharing your content with the rest of the world.

    1. SEO

    Any marketing strategy relies heavily on search engine optimization. If you are not ranked highly on search results sites, you actually do not exist, and your customer base would not be able to find you.

    Nobody outside of Google knows what effect social media has on SEO, and there’s enough data to say it plays a part in rankings, so ignoring this perspective if you’re concerned about SERPs is a bad idea.

    5. Easy marketing

    It can be difficult to gain new fans, but you can have joy when doing so. All on the team should be interested in the creation of content, whether it’s videos or images.

    Consumers prefer to see genuine advertising because they are already bombarded by TV commercials and social media advertisements. By sharing your stories on Instagram in a way that brings meaning to your followers’ lives, you will become more real, resulting in improved interaction.

    4 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

    Here are some tips to gain more Instagram followers

    Put an Catchy Bio

    It just takes 2/10th  of a second for anyone to shape an opinion on your company on the internet. This ensures that it’s critical to make a good first impression with the material of your Instagram account and bio.

    Your bio is important because it is one of the first things that people see when they tap on your account. It would also play a significant role in the acts that someone does after landing on your profile. It will attract them to follow you, read more of your material, or click on the link back to the website.

    Put a Link

    Your bio is the only spot on your Instagram profile where you can add a clickable link. This is a very common way to entice the audience to click on the link which will take them to your company’s page.

    Make a Business Profile

    Instagram recently unveiled a slew of Business resources to help businesses truly understand their audiences and expand their Instagram enterprises.

    When you switch to a Business profile, you will be able to provide more detail about your company on your page.

    Put an Attractive Yet Simple Profile Picture

    When it comes to picking a profile photo, it’s important that people know it as soon as they view your Instagram page. For the majority of companies, this involves selecting one of the following choices:

    ●     Logo
    ●     Logomark
    ●     Mascot


    Instagram gives you a customer-rich forum for engaging with your customer base. To do so, you must first establish a solid following, which necessitates concerted effort and imagination.

    Before you begin, create an Instagram plan to define the strategies to use, the style of your posts, the goals you want to reach, and the type of media you want to upload.

    You can also have a regular posting routine that you adhere to. Consistency is essential for any good Instagram marketing strategy, and it is recommended that you be consistent with the pacing, look, and sound of your messages.

    We hope that this article helped you in understanding how to get more Instagram followers and increase engagement on Instagram easily.


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