7 Signs You Are Dating the Woman You Should Marry


    Marriage shouldn’t be taken irresponsibly. If you want to live with a person all your life, you can’t be guided in the choice by a second impulse. There are 7 basic signs by which a man can understand whether he should marry his girlfriend. If your loved one matches them, urgently propose to her!

    1.     You trust your woman

    You should know everything about each other. If you’ve been dating for four years, this is not a reason to start a family. But if you know the most intimate secrets about each other, you know about her past, her hopes and dreams, then this is a completely different thing. You are confident in your partner’s reaction to certain things. Moreover, you completely trust your loved one. Remember that trust is fundamental to marriage.

    1.     You want to show you care

    This desire comes from your heart. She doesn’t need to ask for help and care as you show them instinctively. Even if you know that the problem that has arisen is not too difficult and your girlfriend can solve it on her own, you will still offer her your help. This is a very cool quality that will help you in your life together because nothing strengthens marriage more than the willingness to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of caring for your loved one.

    1.     You understand that your interests coincide

    You have to tolerate each other’s habits and hobbies. Remember that romance will end sooner or later. A relationship is a quite complex and unpredictable thing. You will have to talk a lot. Communication with each other should be exciting and interesting for both of you.

    1.     You know why you want to marry

    Many men are still poorly aware of what awaits them next. After the marriage has already been registered, there is no greater happiness for many people than showing others a wedding ring on their finger and talking about marriage. Therefore, before deciding on such a serious step, think about why you need a wedding and what benefits you will get from marriage.

    1.     Your girlfriend is honest with you

    Honesty is a fundamental quality of a long-term union. Otherwise, you will not be able to trust each other or openly tell about something intimate. If a girl is interested in a relationship and makes plans for it, she will step over her own principles and be honest with you, even if it is extremely difficult for her and this is one of the good wife qualities.

    1.     She supports you

    The greatest support in a man’s life is his woman. She should fully share your goals and support you on the way to achieving them. She shouldn’t be jealous of your work and friends. As a rule, such women themselves are distinguished by their purposefulness and understand their men well.

    1.     You never get bored together

    Even if you are not together now, but you are surfing the Internet and stumbled upon a funny video or an interesting post, you have no questions about who you will send it to first – well, of course, to her! Your girlfriend is always number one for you. When you are together, even just sitting and being silent is a joy for you.


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