Live casino games — the technology behind the magic


    In a live casino game, you’ll be joined by a professional dealer, guiding you through your favourite games like Roulette and Blackjack, in real time and from the comfort of your own home. Whilst this might seem like magic, we’re here to provide you with an all-access behind the scenes pass, to find out all about the technology that makes this new online gaming phenomenon possible.

    Although live casino games might feel like a VIP experience, you can start playing the majority of them with a small initial deposit. What’s more, with casino and live casino offers on Paddy Power, for example, you can make your money go further by taking advantage of the latest bonuses and promotions! But, before you get carried away with playing the latest live casino games, we’ll tell you all about the technology that brings this thrilling casino experience straight to your living room.

    The Dealer

    Before we delve into the gadgets and tech involved in bringing the live casino games to life, we should first mention the individual that is responsible for keeping the whole game running smoothly, and that’s the dealer. The live dealers that appear on-screen when you take part in your favourite table games are trained, professional croupiers. This means that they’ve received accredited training and understand the ins and outs of the games that they host, so should you have any queries during the game, they’re the person to ask.

    The live dealer is responsible for managing some of the technology that’s involved in the game. They use it to receive the live data which informs them about your betting decisions, so that they can act accordingly. Not only are the dealer’s responsible for the technology, they also have to keep all of the players in check, along with being personable and entertaining to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.


    How is it that you can see everything that takes place on the other end of the screen and not miss a single move that the dealer makes? Cameras of course! But not just one, as in order to provide you with a next-level immersive gaming experience, a live casino game will typically utilise multiple cameras to provide you with different angles and perspectives.

    The angles provided by these high-resolution cameras will depend upon the type of game that’s taking place. For example, in a game of Roulette you might have one camera dedicated to showcasing the Roulette wheel, since this is the main area of focus within the game.

    Gaming Control Units (GCU)

    So, you can see the dealer, but how do they know what’s happening on your screen if they can’t see you? Don’t worry, they’re not spying on you, the dealer is informed about your moves and knows what is taking place on your screen, because they have access to software that provides them with this information. This is known as the Gaming Control Unit (GCU) and without this technology, live games would not be able to take place in real-time.

    This device collects and encodes data that is broadcasted in the game, which allows the dealer to understand and process the decisions that you make on your screen and act accordingly, spinning the wheel or dealing your hand, for example.

    So, we’ve lifted the veil on the technology behind the magic of live casino games and it turns out that there’s no magic involved! However, the fact that it seems like wizardry is simply testament to the incredible software behind the scenes and the professionalism of the live dealer, bringing you the seamless, classy gaming experience that you crave.


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